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Why You need a Professional Translator for Medical Documents?

Why You need a Doctor for Professional Translation of Medical Documents

Do you need to translate some medical documents for yourself or your loved ones? Are you looking for professional medical translation of your documents? Do you have to translate medical reports or prescription? May be you purchased some complex medical equipment and need the translation of PDF maintenance and operation manual? Are you selling the pharmaceuticals or dietary supplements? Do you need to convert the MRI report from English into another European or Asian language?

Flawless Language Translation

If you are working with medical text and read medical documents, you may need, at some point of time, the language translation for better understanding or for clear transmission of specific scientific text. The prescription of any kind is critical especially in terms of health care and medical treatment. There should not be any errors or mistakes – even minor. In order to make sure your health is in safe hands you have to trust it to proven doctors or clinics. In the same way as you rely on the services of an experienced doctor or a practitioner you have to be assured of the quality and accuracy of translation of medical documents.

Skillful Medical Translator

As the skills of a doctor may be different so the proficiency of a medical translator may also be different. When you submit your documents for translation to some medical or technical translator you must check if he or she is eligible to translate your documents. Some translators (not professional or not native or those who are not well versed in the medical or technical subject) may use general terms for description of a very narrow subject or a purely scientific work. In that case the text may loose the original meaning and miss the key point or the accuracy of the transmitted information. It results in the wrong understanding of the end user or targeted audience.

Practical Involvement makes Translation Professional

To avoid the misunderstanding or the loss of a true meaning and the fullness of information, you have to trust your medical reports or documents to a professional who is not just a mere linguist with some experience of translation but to a person who combines the proficiency and skills of a professional translator with years of experience and the qualification in translation of a specific subject or sector, i.e. medical sector. It is also favorable and beneficial to contract a person who knows your specific matter, understands the details of your particular area and had some practice in this very narrow field. For instance, it is very welcome if the translator was physically involved in the process of some medical treatment. Surely, the translator having the linguistic education may not be allowed to make any medical treatment or operations. But the translator might be involved in the process of medical treatment or any health care activities as an interpreter. This practical but partial engagement will give him or her very good experience and perfect understanding of what he is talking about or what he translates.

Doctors can be Translators

There is another option of having an experienced and skilled medical translator. We have many applications from medical workers knowing fluently one or more foreign languages. It happens because a student or a practitioner knowing his native language works in a foreign country and communicates in it with patients and his colleagues-doctors. This lets him work in the foreign language environment which makes him professional doctor-translator. He can perfectly communicate the specific medical information to any party, be it patient or a fellow doctor. We contract such people for proofreading and editing of the translated text.

Have a safe business and healthy life!

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Iswanto SEO
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