Technical Translation Services

Translation of Technical document in any format - PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, PPT.

Technical Translation of text from English to over 20 other languages. 

Technical Document Translations in different business and industrial sectors.


Patent Translation

Every new invention, every technology, each electronic device, domestic and industrial equipment, each productin process, or manufacturing method has to be patended. Patent certifies that you are the author of the new product and entitles you to use it for commercial purpose, reproduce it and sell it as your own property. If you need the translation of your patent you are welcome to make a request for translation!


Warranty Translation

To get an assurance that your business is safe you have to have a warranty between you or your company and another party with which you made an agreement. Undoubtedly you will need the translation of warranty for maintenance, operation, repair, spare parts, consumables, and overhaul. We translate warranties for all your business and commerce purposes into the language of your partner or supplier.


Policy Translation

Any transaction or business relation is guided by policies. There are multitudes of policies both for internal codes of conduct and for external interactions between the parties on a B2C and B2B level. Policies regulate the behaviour, conduct, and relations both for industry, business, and people. We provie translation of policies to your target language at best market price!


Contract Translation

When you enter into business relations with your customers, partners, or companies, you have to sign an agreement or a contract that would regulate your any further relations, transactions, and dealings. To make the agreement valid for both parties you have to translate the contract into the language of your partner. If you need the translation of your agreements please make a request and submit your contract!


Certificate Translation

When it is the matter of large business or industrial project the certifcation of anything and everything is absolutely necessary. You can not even commence any type of a project unless you have the required certificates and permissions for it. You have to certify or qualify the employees, equipment, processes, methods, etc. We translate certificates, ensurance papers, warranties, guarantees, policies, and more.

Report Translation

Technical Report Translation

Based on the reports you may see how well your project or business is going. Depending on the test or operation results you make a decision as to what kind of step to take next. If you work with foreigners they have to know the progress and the process outcome. We translate reports on testing, maintenance, operation, repair, installation, and more.

Manual Translation

User Manual Translation

Manuals are essential when it is about the operation and maintenance of equipment and machinery. The end user should perfectly understand how to use and maintain the product (equipment, tool, vehicle, solvent, fluid, software or hardware) you sell. We translate operation and maintenance user manuals to your language.

Drawing Translation

AutoCAD Translation

Drawings are absolutely indispensable means for any industry and are always used for developing, creating, inventing, manufacturing, building, operating, and installing. In case of international projects the Auto CAD drawings should be translated into all languages that are spoken by people involved. We translate AutoCAD and all other formats of drawings to your language.

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We translate Engineering Specifications, Operating Manuals, Bill of Materials, Patents, CAD Drawings, Presentations, Installation Manuals, Software and Hardware UI, Labels, Training Materials, Marketing Materials, Technical Proposals, MSDS and Data Sheets, User Guides, and all other documents related to technical sectors.


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Technical Document Translation

Translation of Technical Documents

Technical Translation is the translation of text related to or associated with technical subjects. It comprises many fields which can be referred to as technical. Any subject where the physics, electrics or electronics are involved can be called technical subject. Beside the purely physical meaning the technical text can also bear some elements of legal matters or medical services or even business relations as it is closely interwoven into the fabric of everyday life. Physics or technical objects and subjects are surrounding us and make our environment and life viable.

The abundance and multitude of technical means as well as the integration of technical devices and tools into our life makes the translation of technical documents really indispensable. Of course you may not directly have anything to do with technical equipment but you may at some point of time need the translation of technical documents, like the description of a brand new vacuum cleaner-robot, or manual to some fancy dish-washer, or may be you bought some tricky tool that you don't have a clue how to launch it or make it work or how to change settings.

Technical translation is one of our primary service. GLS provides the scientific and technical translation pdf at best market price. We provide technical translation services in over 20 languages. If you are looking for universal technical translation you may also look up for technical translation pdf. When clients request for technical translation services UK, normally they also order for technical manual translation services. Our Spanish customers often come for Spanish technical translation when looking for the best technical translations.

Undoubtedly there are far more serious objects or systems that have to be understood by a multitude of people in many languages. By and large it could be the industrial equipment or information technology networks and systems or software the information about which should be translated into as many languages as possible. Normally, such manuals or descriptive material we convert from English to German, French, Dutch, Danish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and all other European and Asian languages.

Technical Manual Translation Services

Translation of Manuals on various technical subjects

Technical Sector is very large and consists of a great number of fields and subjects which can be referred to as technical. Actually the technical sector can be divided into several sub-sectors, like Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, IT, Energy, AI, Geo engineering and Bio engineering. Of course, any of you may either add some more items or reduce to just three basic and major areas. Anyway, the Technical Document Translation is a very much demanded service for translation of millions of words from English to Chinese, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Arabic and Hebrew, as well as into a lot more languages in Europe and Asia.

Among the documents submitted for translation we get M&O manuals, engineering reports, AutoCAD drawings, as-built designs, long-term contracts, software description, guidelines for using the industrial equipment, research summaries, completed tests results, and all other material associated with technical equipment and engineering. Also we translate all kinds of scientific papers along with technology development documents. It can be the patent for invention of a new technology or detailed description of a piece of equipment or device. 

If your document is confidential you shouldn't worry - we shall sign the non-disclosure agreement and once the project is completed all the associated information shall be removed upon your request.

For large and recurrent projects we have our discounts - 5% to 10% per one single project as well as other benefits, like the FREE translation of your documents if you order for translation into more than 5 languages.