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Who Helps Google Go Global

Google Translate App

Who Helps Google Go Global

Google Company has become the global leader in all kinds of online applications and software. One of the major app that is used by hundreds of millions of people is the Google Translate App. It is actually the number one software produced by Google that is demanded worldwide. This application has made the communication between people and understanding of text in a foreign language much easier and faster. You can get the response with a ready-made translation in a matter of a fraction of a second.

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Google Translate Improved

The quality of Google translation has improved over the years and now you can get a pretty decent conversion into your native and/or target language with clear transmission of the original meaning. It is really good if you need to just see what the foreign text is all about or what the counterpart has written in a message. Both language and subject are considered, so you can get a good translation with perfect match within your area of expertise. Within the decade, Google has added more languages to the App and more subjects making it even more popular and professional.

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Online Translation Software has a Human Origin

The successful development of Google online software marks the rise of artificial intelligence. The Google Translate is one of the many software that uses the AI self-learning algorithm based on the preset (collected and sorted out data) data. This data is by far the result of many human translators – translation work done my thousands of translators worldwide. Actually the software itself that produces and displays the superb translation online is also done by humans.

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CAT Tools Expose You to Big Servers

The way the Google Translate can be described as follows. All the translations (translated texts) are received and collected from translators around the world. How? Easily! The moment you go online and upload your translation to some cloud based Computer Aided Tool like SDL Trados you get yourself exposed to the entire world, at least to the server that collects your data (intellectual property). When you store your completed works on the CAT tool cloud server you actually share it with the globe. It is worth mention that most of the world acknowledged and renowned companies or corporations use their internal server based software that facilitates the process of translation. However, if the system works online and connects to the online “global” server it actually gets anchored by the big server that utilizes your professional translation.

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Will Robots Replace Humans?

Modern world reality is rather tricky. On the one had it gives us a lot of improvements and makes our life easier (kind of) but on the other hand it makes us less autonomous and self-sufficient. It makes us more dependent on different software and various online tools and applications that sometimes and most often replace our human work. But it’s not the reason for being discouraged. You should just bear in mind that all the online and automatic tools did not appear in the process of evolution, it was all done by people, human minds and hands.

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Professional Translation is Still in Demand

The up-to-date tendencies show that in the near future the services performed by human will be offered as something supplementary or as a hand-made product. Nevertheless, the human work will always be praised and demanded as the robot is good to a certain limit and it should be fixed or maintained by the human. So there is no reason to stop being professional and natural. Just keep on learning and develop your natural and multiple skills in all fields and you will be demanded regardless of robotized future.

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