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Report Translation Services

Whether you run a business company and do a cross-border transaction, or manage a large industrial project, or do the accounting for your client, or take care of your health and undergo hospital treatment in a foreign country, our experts are here to serve your communication needs and help you in reporting to your customers, partners, contractors, vendors, and stakeholders.

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Professional Qualification

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Quality Control

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Translation of Reports for Business, Production, Finances, and Medicare

Are You looking for translation of business report? Need the translation of financial statements? Do you have to translate medical examination or healthcare reports? Have you started a new business and now need the translation of annual reports? We are experts in your sector so You can rely on our company and trust your multiple reports to our professional team of linguists!


To ensure the communication at all levels between shareholders, partners, or contractors you may need to translate various types of business reports or any other official reports into as many languages as are spoken by your counterparts or interlocutors. Since the translation of reports, whether business, financial, medical, or industrial, may affect the reputation of a company, or healthcare of a hospital patient, or international transactions, or import and export operations, or production process, it requires high accuracy and careful attention to details. With this in mind, we assign the report translations to professional linguists with respective background and qualifications, and extensive experience in your particular industry.

If you run an international business and communicate with foreign counterparts, you will need the translation of different business reports, balance sheets, and financial statements. Depending on the type of incorporation of your entity, industry you represent, project scope, production volume or services you provide you may have to translate monthly or annual business report for regular accountability and cross-border communications.

For businesses and companies it is important and mandatory to maintain records and issue reports on the work progress, production outcome and test results. As far as the financial reporting is concerned we provide the translation of financial reports for cross-border operations and transactions, bank transfers, payments and purchasing, sales, taxation, or accounting. Whether your business is construction, shipbuilding, information technology, pharmaceutical products, attorneyship, we translate all kinds of financial reports, financial statements, receipts, payment records, and more. And since the financial reporting requires accuracy of figures and description of items and payments we assign your repots to qualified professional linguists with in-depth experience in banking, finances, trading, import and export operations, and customs clearance.

If you are going through medical examinations in a foreign country or if you take care after somebody who is under treatment at hospital where the personnel is speaking in a language that is not native to the person under your charge you will definitely need to translate various kinds of reports, like clinical study, insurance claim, hospital report, medical clinic report, physician report, or any other reports that should be read by your medical doctor or hospital staff.


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Translation of business report

Business Report Translation

Translation of different types of business reports: transaction report, trading report, dealing report, consignment report, bill of lading, promotion report, purchase report, marketing report, bills, sales report, invoices, rent agreements, lease agreements, business contracts.

Translation of financial report

Financial Report Translation

Translation of all kinds of financial reports: cash flow report, accounting report, tax report, budget report, daily report, weekly report, monthly report, annual report, merchant report, funbds movement report, calculation report.

Translation of medical reports

Medical Report Translation

Translation of various medical reports: MRI report, CAT scan report, medical examination report, blod test report, vaccination report, surgery report, prescription, hospital report, treatment report, drug and additives report, healthcare report.

Translation of technical report

Technical Report Translation

Translation of different types of technical reports: survey report, excavation report, exploration report, civil works report, installation report, maintenance report, construction report, assembly report, operation report, start-up and commissioning report, repair report, troubleshooting report, production report.

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Engineering Report Translation

Translation of a wide range of engineering reports: research report, scientific study report, exploration report, software development report, project development report, hardware installation report, biotech development report, artificial intelligence integration report.

Translation of marketing reports

Marketing Report Translation

Translation of all kinds of marketing reports: promotion report, brand awareness report, SEO promotion report, advertisement report, business offers, product and service description, presentation of features, properties, options, and characteristics.

Translation of legal reports

Legal Report Translation

Translation of different types of legal reports: court investigation report, proceedings report, contracts and agreements, working permit, citzenship documents, immigration and visa docs, incorporation documents, certificate of good standing, due diligence.

Translation of inspection report

Inspection Report Translation

Translation of varios types of inspection reports: medical examination reports, quality control report, equipment inspection report, facility inspection report, regular inspection report.

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Need to translate your report into all your customers' languages?

If you've made a decision to translate your report please use our document translation services by submitting your reports online either for cost estimate or translation!

How to manage the translation of reports

When we talk about the translation of report we imply the translation of some specific technical data dedicated to a certain area of expertise arrayed with exact figures of test results or final calculations.  The translation of reports give you the full picture of the products’ output and its capacity. All report translations are performed my professional English translators which gives you the assurance that no valuable information will be lost or omitted.
Translation of report does not so much differ from standard document translation services but require more attention to details and more scrupulous handling of information and figures contained in the any given report. The translation of any report require the vast knowledge of the subject you translate and the industry the report belongs to. 
For any report it is critical to keep the same format and transmit the data in the form of letters, characters, and numbers in the most precise way. All information contained in the report shall be translated accurately and without errors. To make it happen we engage industry specific translators who can translate reports in your sector.
The report can sometimes be the presentation of the product or a service, or of a company’s benefits and features. So when we translate such report we maintain the tone of the marketing and advertising text and transmit the same impression the author or the producer wanted to make on readers. Our task is to translate the report and keep the compelling message and persuasive content.

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Technical Report Translation for Industrial Projects

Technical report is a bit different from a standard or general report with numbers and words. The translation of technical report requires the precision and accuracy as it is technically important and legal document that is used for showing the official test results or test bench performance results that will prove the quality of the product and is the valid confirmation of manufacturer’s quality assurance and warranties. So, the report plays a key role in verification of seller’s convincing words with the real product output, capacity and performance. 
Therefore, the translation of technical reports is always carried out by those linguists who are perfectly qualified to translate in your niche. Since any report is about creating an impression of decent operation or durability or resilience of the product or material or equipment or facility, special attention should be paid to every detail the report contains. 
When we translate your report we understand that your document is a high class presentation of what you sell or produce to the world audience and to the target market in a certain country or continent as well as the visual proof of how well your tool, or instrument, or equipment works, with perfect but true values of its performance. 

Engineering Report Translation for Technology Development

Engineering report is actually the same as technical but with more specific details and referring to the technology development tests and elaborations. So if you need the translation of engineering report you can just tell us about your project requirements to translations and onsite or in-house environment conditions for correct understanding of your task and the application of your documentation to the particular process, instrumentation, and operation of equipment. When we have the whole and complete picture of your engineering facility or process we can be more precise in transmitting the true and original message of your reports. 
Since engineering in itself encompasses many fields we translate engineering reports in all related subject matters, including the development of software, creation of biological substances and materials, providing the automated operation of plants, development of new innovative technologies in power generation or renewable energy, recycling of waste into beneficial use or power generation, technical inventions of new tools, devices, and instruments.
We translate engineering reports for different clients, like product suppliers, engineering services providers, technology developers, equipment manufacturers, project managers and engineers. Each report is handled with care and special attention to every dot, line and figure as there could be a great deal of information behind those characters. All submitted reports shall be reviewed by our team prior to translation into your target or native language.

Financial Report Translation for Accounting and Payment Transfer

Financial report is rather unique in a class as it mostly contains figures and little text. So the translation of financial reports comes down to attentive working with numbers and text in between. Of course, the text in the finance report should be treated in the same scrupulous way as it is in case with engineering or medical reports. The most important part of financial report are figures but the words behind the figures is no less important. So the financial report translation shall be performed by dedicated and qualified linguists specializing in financial translations. 
There are many types of reports in the financial sector that need translation. It can be the annual financial report, or monthly, weekly, and even daily reports. Certainly, all the information stored in the reports should be conveyed and converted into any of the major world languages as accurately as possible with consideration of all respective terminology and international and local requirements. 
When translating the finance report we work closely with our clients as well as with their company’s financial department, accountants, analysts, and economists. All our translations of financial reports are done by experts well trained and qualified in finance and economy and in accordance with international standards and regulations. 

Medical Report Translation for Patient Healthcare and Hospital Treatment

As far as the medical report translation is concerned we have to point out that the translation of medical text and terminology is a standing-out type of translation among all others. One thing that we come across most often when translating medical reports is a handwritten text by doctors. Of course, now with printing out of reports it is not a common thing anymore. However, some doctors may write prescriptions and even diagnosis with their hands, and the text they write is not always quite eligible and we need an expert in handwritten text to decipher what the medical practitioner wrote. 
Whatever the purpose of your medical report our experts have respective medical knowledge and experience in working with pharmaceutical and healthcare documents that makes it possible to translate virtually any kind of medical report, including the reports of clinical trials and clinical studies, surgery reports, hospital care and treatment reports, physician report, pharmaceutical laboratory reports, medical lab test results, medical clinic reports.
Since the final translation of medical reports is critical for the patient’s health in the first place and it will be read by doctors, hospital staff, medial practitioners, the accuracy of translation is a must. To make sure the translation is perfect we entrust your reports to our medical translators with proven experience and appropriate knowledge of medicine and dedicated medical terminology. All of our translators are qualified for translation in one or more medical fields.

Business Report Translation for B2B, Contracting, and Funding

When we translate business reports we understand the utter importance of your documents, and assign this task to linguists with adequate knowledge of business operation, structure, and process. The translation of business reports is performed based on the real-life situation with local and global economy, and so you have to be sure that every single term, word, or phrase, will be considered and duly translated. Since reports may give insights and prompt certain suggestions, we make every effort to translate every single business report with attention to the needs and aspirations of the end user or reader in order for him to make proper and required decision. 
Anyone who translates business reports should understand that it conveys an important and at times technically specific information with figures, formulas, and graphics. So when translating your business report we take into account the nature of the content, manner in which is it represented, style of wording, and convert it into the language of the end user in a way that the information could be understandable and easy to speak out.
Normally, the translation of any business report is done for better communication between the customer and contractor, partners, stakeholders, shareholders, between business and client, business and business (B2B), if they are speaking in different languages. It is especially demanded by multinational companies with hundreds of employees from different parts of the world or manufacturers of various products selling their goods to clients living in foreign countries. 

How to translate reports for urgent project

If you are pressed for time and have nobody who could help you with managing your urgent projects you are most welcome to order for fast translation of your multiple reports for multilingual audience. We respect your work and business and duly consider your time constraints that make you take immediate actions and quick and important decisions. So, taking into account the hassles associated with quick work that has to be done here and now, we contract a team of immediately available translators who can be use for your tasks right away. 
So you don’t have to wait for days or weeks for urgent translations. We can deliver as many documents as needed on the same day. You just to let us know about the volume and dates of final delivery. And we shall resort to all our human resources, distribute the documents between language specialists and engage them all with translation of your reports. 
Please note that the overall price quote may vary depending on the urgency of translation. If you need the delivery of the translated reports on the same day we shall charge for an additional man power and the shortest deadline. The surcharge shall be accrued due to the increase in the volume of text subject to translation and editing. If the project is urgent it will be translated simultaneously by more than 2 translators, sometimes, by 5 to 10 translators at one time.

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