Video Translation

Translation of videos in any format - AVI, MPEG, DVD, BlueRay, and more!

Video Translation from English to other languages. 

Video Translation in different business and industrial sectors.



Translation of Titles or Subtitling is very much used as the easiest way of transmitting the video content to the those who watch the video. Whatever is spoken in the film will be shown at the bottom of the screen in your language. We can translate the existing subtitles or make the new ones.



Putting of spoken words into text format or Transcription is actually requested for making any further actions with the script, like translation or subtitling or voice over. The way this service is provided may differ depending on your request - whether you need it just for familiarisation of what was said in a video or you need it as a script for working with it.

Voice Over

Voice Over

Recording the voice spoken in a foreign language on top of the original speaker's voice or Voice Over is a very popular service in the world mass media (TV news, talk shows) and in the international video industry. Voice Over is rather consequtive translation of speech on a video. Our studios allow us to get a professional and high quality vocal records.

Certified Translation


Simultaneous Recording of speaking over the original speaker's voice or Dubbing is a very much used service for filming and professional making of videos. It is widely used for making and translating movies (feature films), TV shows and documentary videos. You may request this service but it takes a little more man hours than the Voice Over as it is more laborious.

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Translation of Video files, Movies, Films

Video industry has always been on top and its popularity is only increasing. YouTube and Wimeo are flooded with all kinds of videos and are continuously updated with new works.

Advertisement is a number one reason the videos are made for. It can only compete with entertainment videos. Advertising Videos are used for publicity and promotion of products and services as well as for propaganda. It has outrun all the other sectors in the necessity for translation into as many languages as it is required for global acknowledgement.

If you are looking for video translations we can just provide the video translation for your projects. The translation video, online YouTube video translation is what we can do for you at best market price. Also if you need the video games French translation we can do the audio video text translation. Video games translation is what we also provide for our clients. The video translation includes the voice over, subtitles, and English subtitles.

Entertainment video is a second but leading sector in demand and usage. It is pretty much widely spread and well accepted in any form. If it is only about emotions and gestures it does not need so much to be translated. But if it is an hour-long cartoon or a movie, or some private video for blogging, it may well be translated into foreign language in the form of subtitling or voice over.


Subtitling, Captioining of Videos

When you need to show the viewers of your Video what it is talking about, or if you want to have your video shown to the hard of hearing people who just can not hear the voice of a speaker, the Subtitling is the best and most convenient method of making your video speak to this part of audience. They would read the text while the speaker is talking and understand what he or she is talking about.

This service can also help you better understand the speech on video as sometimes the voice either is not clear and mumbling or the words are hard to be distinguished. So you may read the subtitling text and perfectly understand the context of the film.

But the subtitling is not provided as one-off service. In order to make subtitles the speech should first be put into text, then translated and only after that subtitled and embedded into the video file. So the price for this service is a cumulative price consisting of three parts.

Voice Over

Voice Over service

If you need to have your video sound in another foreign language in the same way as it sounds in the original file, you have to request for the voice over service. However, you have to know that this kind of service may be differentiated between the two services - actually the voice over and dubbing.

Voice Over is the service where the interpreter's voice is put on top of the original speaker's voice and the original voice is slightly heard clear enough to hear and distinguish the words spoken. This is good for private videos or when it is important for the viewer and watcher to hear the speaker's voice.

Dubbing is the simultaneous interpreting of video with completely muted original speaker's voice. It can be required when you need to localize the video for the targeted audience to make it feel like tailored to the local people.

The cost of voice over or dubbing is actually the same. But it is formed of at least three parts - conversion of audio (spoken words) into text, translation and applying the second voice of an interpreter or an artist to the video file.