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We translate Engineering Specifications, Operating Manuals, Bill of Materials, Patents, CAD Drawings, Presentations, Installation Manuals, Software and Hardware UI, Labels, Training Materials, Marketing Materials, Technical Proposals, MSDS and Data Sheets, User Guides, and all other documents related to engineering industry.


Our goal is to help the client go global, maximize the client’s profit, and minimize the cost for language services.

Wherever you or your business is located, our online presence and project management technology makes it easy to customize our services and respond to your request for Engineering translation in a timely and accurate manner. 

Our adherence to and compliance with ISO and EN quality management regulations ensures the delivery of the high-quality translation product. 

We speak in your language and translate documents, websites and videos between English and over 20 other major world languages.

Engineering Translation

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Engineering Translators

Over 100 Native-speaking Engineering Translators ready for taking Your project in just minutes!

Professional Qualification

Linguists and Experts qualified and experienced in Your specific field of expertise. 

Global Coverage

Clients from all over the world. Translation of Documents for all industries and businesses, from individuals to corporations.

Secure Transfer and Storage

Secure Transfer and Storage of your documents and private data in compliance with GDRP.

Quality Control

Quality Management in compliance with ISO and EN regulations. Double check by professional linguist and qualified expert.

Easy Payment Options

You can pay by Bank Transfer, PayPal, Debit and Credit cards.

Engineering Document Translation

Accurate Engineering Translation by the Experts in the Industry

Engineering is one of the industry that requires translation of documents and manuals in great numbers. We specialize in engineering document translation as we have a solid team of engineering translators who have the respective knowledge and vast experience in the engineering industry.

There are some of the engineering fields that we translate in:

Mechanical Engineering Translation

Software Engineering, IT engineering Translation

Industrial Engineering Translation

Chemical products, chemical safety and MSDS

Electrical and electronic systems and products

Manufacturing plants and processes

Mechanical systems, engines, hydraulics

Power systems, high voltage systems

Hydro engineering

Energy production, petroleum plants

Civil Engineering

Gas and oil systems

Systems Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

Agricultural Engineering

Applied Engineering

Biochemical Engineering

Biological Engineering


Nuclear Engineering

Petroleum Engineering


Some of the documents and materials we translate for engineering sector:

Operating Manuals Translation

Engineering Specifications Translation

Business Proposals (RFP / RFQ)

Field Studies


Bill of Materials


AutoCAD Drawings / Blueprints




Installation Manuals

Equipment Manuals

Training Materials

User Guides

Low Rates for Professional Engineering Document Translations

Affordable Prices for Professional Engineering Document Translation

We value and appreciate your trust of your valuable assets to our company. We perfectly understand the importance of your documents and the need for accurate translation you expect. We guarantee the high-level performance by engineering translators backed by engineers or experts in the industry. Every document or manual that we receive for translation shall be handled with care and within your time and budget.

Along with accurate and excellent translation of engineering documents, we offer considerably lower rates for engineering translation services. The rates that we offer are more compatible and affordable than what other translation agencies offer. We provide the combination of a professional engineering translation with the lowest translation costs you can find in the translation market.

Accurate Technical Engineering Translation for Your International Project

Technical Engineering Translation for Your International Project with Accuracy

If you need the translation of a sophisticated engineering specifications or manuals for your international project, we can do that for your in your specific field. So, whether you need the translation in the field of civil engineering or Nano-engineering, or nuclear engineering, or in other branches of the industry, we guarantee the detailed technical translation of your document and ensure the consistency of highly technical terminology by providing the accurate and professional translation.

Engineering Translators Qualified in Your Field + Full-time & Part-time working Engineers

Professional Engineering Translators and Working Engineers will help you in your project

When the engineering translation project is initiated our team of translators qualified in your field and with years of experience within the industry makes sure all the technical data and/or glossary required for translation is available. 
Our team of linguists specializing in engineering translation comply with ISO and EN quality assurance standards in knowledge, management, and experience. So when you trust the translation of your document, website, or video, to us, you can be assured that it will be translated without ambiguity, with due consideration of every detail in the provided technical data. 
Since the engineering sector is rather broad and encompasses a lot of other sub-fields, the specifically technical and scientific nature of text can require the involvement of the full-time or part-time working engineer from multiple backgrounds. Therefore, when you request for engineering translation services we assign your project to the linguist with specific technical knowledge, deep understanding of the context, that guarantees the 100% accuracy and high-quality end result.

Computer Aided Software – Translation of AutoCAD drawings

CAT Software to facilitate the translation process and translate the AutoCAD drawings

The use of the computer aided software helps us to easily and professionally manage your engineering project. We use all kinds of formats for delivery of the translated document or drawing in the desired or original format. In order to localize the engineering drawings and satisfy our international customers we use the AutoCAD software and translate the text right in the CAD. 
Our method of managing the engineering translations help us focus exclusively on handling the engineering and scientific translations with high level of accuracy and efficiency. The translation of technical specification, operation manual, or a patent, requires the precision of terminology and attentional to detail. Our in-house and freelance engineering translators are qualified to translate your critical and sensitive information.
 GLS is a full-service translation company. Over 1000 translators work with over 20 languages, among which are: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Korean, Japanese.

Certified Engineering Translation Services with Precision and Accuracy

Certified Translation for Your Engineering Documents

Our dedicated team of engineering experts provide fast and top quality certified engineering translation services. Among the documents that are requested for certified translation are those for integrated technical systems and for manufacturing and production facilities. Our translators are comfortable with translation of advanced technical and engineering texts as they are familiar with the specific and unique terminology in both the source and target languages.