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Technical Translation

Translation of technical documents is absolutely necessary both for domestic purposes and industrial projects. Whether you use electronic devices and tools or you launch a new purchased equipment for your production facility, or you install a turbine engine to drive a 10MW generator, you will need the translation of technical documents into your native or to your customer's language.

Business Translation

Translation of business documents is demanded for all kinds of business relations (B2B, B2C), transactions, deals, negotiations, contracting. Every commercial project, no matter if it is big or small, should be presented in as many foreign languages as possible. Any business communications, especially if they are global, have to be documented in the language of your customer, client, contractor, or partner.

Legal Translation

Translation of legal documents is required for any investigation, court proceedings, certification, qualification, approvals, insurance, patenting, agreements, contracts, regulations, resolutions, policies, standards, rules, and prosecutions. We translate legal documents on any legal matter and for any judicial cases. If you enter into legal relations with foreign partner or expand your business overseas the legal translation will a must!

Medical Translation

Translation of medical documents can be required if you go abroad for citizenship or enter university as a student or when you are treated by a foreign doctor or stay at a hospital in a foreign country. All international projects or healthcare programs need the translation of documents into the language of a treated person. Besides, all prescriptions, descriptions, reports, MRI, CAT scans, tests, diagnostics, instructions for medicines, have to be translated too.

Engineering Translation

Translation of engineering documents is needed for international industrial projects in Construction, Manufacturing, Production, Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Pharmacy, Chemical industry, Economy, Social Science. We provide engineering translation in all major world languages at best market prices.

Financial Translation

Translation of financial documents is what you may need when presenting the financial information in a language of your partners or shareholders. We translate reports, data sheets, statements, agreements, transaction documents for your international financial activities, business and marketing.

Marketing Translation

Translation of marketing documents is required when you promote and sell your goods and services internationally and globally. You have to introduce, describe and advertise your products and services in the language of your cutomers. We translate advertisements, articles, websites, videos, and documents.

Industrial Translation

Translation of industrial documents is required for international projects and joint ventures and consortiums in all kinds of industries and sectors. We translate manuals, reports, guidelines, instructions, drawings, designs, policies, reulations, certificates, and patents, in the language of your customers, partners and contractors.