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Contract Translation Services

Translation of all types of contracts in your industry!

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Translation of Contracts

Are You Looking for Contract Translation Services near you?

Do you need to translate contracts into one or more foreign languages?

Are you looking for professional but affordable contract translation?

GLS Translation Company is your one-stop solution for your contract translations!

  • Competitive rates - from as low as 0.07 USD per source word

  • Fast turnaround time – from as quick as the same day delivery

  • Full Compliance with ISO 17100:2015 and EN 15038

  • Accurate translation with 24/7 customer service

  • PDF, Word, Excel, Power Point, AutoCAD, and more

  • Professional translators for your industry

  • Contract Translation into over 20 world languages


GLS provides contract translation services that help both individuals and companies succeed in the global marketplace.

Our quality assurance process for contract translation complies with ISO 17100:2015 and EN 15038 standards.

We translate all types of contracts, including but not limited to: business contract, supply contract, delivery contract, partnership contract, employment contract, lease agreement, rent agreement, services contract, legal contract, frame agreement, one-off contract, hiring contract, construction contract, manufacturing contract, maintenance contract, operation contract, and more!

Our qualified in-house and freelance translators and subject matter experts are native to the target language and have at least 6 years of proven translation experience.

The best-in-class management technology and industry-leading tools ensure efficiency and consistency throughout the entire translation process and guarantee the delivery of the accurate and high-quality translation product!


Business Contract Translation

You can deal with a lot of stakeholders or partners or shareholders, and your business can intricate and complicated. But we can easily handle you business contracts by translating them all into the language of your business partner or any interested person or a party. The translation of business contracts will be performed with due consideration of all legal requirements and regulations.


Manufacturing Contract Translation

If you are a manufacturer producing liquids, lubricants, materials, tools, instruments, or equipment on order for your buyers, or if you are a project manager looking for B2B connections directly with manufacturers for producing the required units, or a ready-made material, you have to translate an agreement or a contract with the manufacturer.


Supply Contract Translation

Whether you need to supply just a few items or a large package of costy units to your contractor or customer you will have to conclude a supply contract and translate it into the language of the receiving or buying party. For deliveries to different contries you may need the translation of delivery contract into several languages at a time. Besides, with the terms change the translation of amendments will be required as well.


Construction Agreement Translation

Construciton in itself consists of different stages or phases and it also includes many individual legal relations and physical activities that need the conclusion of agreements and contracts, thus requiring the translation of each of them. So you may need the translation of contracts for civil works, surveys, exploration, excavation, compaction, building, installation, structure welding, brick laying, work with mortar and wood.


Contract Translators

Over 1000 Native-speaking contract translators

Global Coverage

50+ Languages

Translation of Contracts to over 50 languages

Professional Qualification

Professional Qualification

We are Experts in Your specific field of expertise

Quality Control

Quality Control

Quality Management in compliance with ISO and EN regulations


Maintenace Contract Translation

Every built project or installed equipment, or any manufactured tool or instrument or devise need maintenance. And quite very often such maintenance is required rather frequently - monthly or quarterly, or yearly. If the maintenance is performed by a foreing client the maintenance contract shall be translated into the customer's language.

Employment agreement translation

Employment Contract Translation

You will need the translation of employment agreement in case the hired employee came from or lives in a country speaking the language different from yours. Normally the translation of employment agreement is required just once upon employment. But the same agreement can be amended within a certain period of time due to the change of internal corporate terms and conditions. So any amendement shall be translated too.

Partnership agreement translation

Partnership Agreement Translation

When you are in partnership with someone speaking in a foreing language the partnership agreement should be translated into his or her language. And since most ofthen partnerships are organized and created by people from different countries or in the territory of a different jurisdiction you will need the translation of your partnership agreement definitely.

Services contract translation

Services Contract Translation

There are a great number of services provided daily and all over the world. The types of services are countless. From offline, brick and mortar hotels and restaurants, to numerous online services - legal, business, financial, educational, even medical - most of them need the signing of a contract between the service provider and the client or customer of the offered services. Before the contract is signed it should be translated into your language, or the language of your contractor, or customer.

Medical contract translation

Medical Contract Translation

If you are under treatment at a foreign hospital or going through a numerous medical examinations and tests at an international clinic or you are getting some patient care at a healthcare center, you will need the translation of medcal contracts concluded with a medical institute.

Lease agreement translation

Lease Agreement Translation

For those who have a vehicle, machinery, equipment, or real estate for leasing, may be in need for translation of lease agreements when you have to lease your property to a private individual or a company or any organization or project or to any legal entity.

Rent Agreement translation

Rent Agreement Translation

There are many ways you can use the brand new or second hand products, goods, vehicles, motor cars, boats, barges, trucks, or buildings, apartments, premises, houses, cottages, mansions, lounges, equipment, tools, instruments, plants, luxury sport cars, or limousine. And for all that you need the translation of rent agreement.


Contract Agreement

Whether you are hiring a new personnel, or employ a worker, or engage more people in your team, or envolve more parties into your project, or transfer certain rights to your partner, or assing some tasks to another company, you will need the translation of a contract agreement between yourself or your company and the other party whom you hire.

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Need to translate your contract into your contractors' native languages?

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Any field of business and any business communications and relations have to be legally proved and confirmed by some legal documents like certificate, contract or agreement. Contract is what legally bind two or more parties, stakeholders, or shareholders to fulfill the agreed terms and conditions, activities, works, and wills. There are numerous types of contracts that we translate. It can be between the customer and contractor, supplier and manufacturer, employer and employee, partners, service provider and client, project manager and operator, shop owner and seller, hospital and patient, university and student, production facility and maintenance company.
With the variety of contracts and wide range of industries those contracts are used at, the translation of contracts requires the respective knowledge of industry and of specific terminology of the given field. For instance, if you need to translate a medical contract between the client-patient and the private hospital, from let’s say English to Hebrew for treatment in Israel, you will need a specialist qualified to work with medical documents and contracts. And if you need the translation of service agreement form English to German we have to assign this task to a translator with business and/or legal background, who, of course, speaks German, first of all, and understands your subject matter and perfectly knows how to make it sound authentic in business language. 
Of course, the translation of any contract requires the attention to details and accuracy in translation. It is very important and actually critical as any contract or agreement legally bind the other person and makes him or he liable for any breaches or violation of the established and signed clauses. Also, when make a contract you have to be sure that the translated agreement will bear the same validity as the original contract. In order to keep the same context and not miss any mandatory statements and conditions the translation of contracts shall be translated by professional and qualified linguists perfectly versed in your particular sector and qualified to translate legal and business documents.

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Business Contract Translation for International Trading and B2B Relations

Any business relation is proved and legalized with agreements and contracts. And every item in the contract is a certain obligation that the parties should follow and meet regardless of circumstances unless they are of an insuperable force (force-majeure). Once you sing a business contract you validate your dealings and transactions with your counterpart, make yourself liable for any, even minor, violations of the contract, and become responsible for every action made within the framework of the signed or sealed agreement. Therefor the translated contract bears the same importance and validity. So, considering the criticality of business contract translation it shall be translated by a linguist with years of experience in translating legal documents, where contract is one of the types of legal documentation.
If you own a business or run a company providing goods or services, and looking for ways to earn both local and international recognition, you have to make yourself safe and secure by issuing an agreement that regulates the parties’ execution of physical and electronic actions, meeting set goals, carrying out of all necessary activities, implementation of the project, with references to the local laws and international standards. And this is where the knowledge of laws, standards, and regulations is a must for a contract translator. With us you can be confident the translation will be done in a professional and accurate manner.
In order to make sure the company provides their services with due diligence, customer care, and in accordance with an internationally acknowledged quality assurance standards it is essential to sign ab agreement between the customer and service provider. In such case the contract will ensure you get the high quality service you need and even beyond expectations. 

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