Translation Services in USA, UK, Europe

USA Translation of documents in any format - PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, PPT, and more!

UK Translation of text from English to over 20 major world languages. 

Global Translation in different business and industrial sectors.

Global Translation Services



USA Translation

Translation Services in USA

If you need professional translation services in US, GLS is just the company that provides the requested services in the country in over 20 languages for your business and individual needs.


UK Translation

Translation Services in UK

Running business and communication has become much easier with professional translation services in UK. Document, Website, or Video, is what we translate to your language.


EU Translation

Translation Services in Europe

Translation Services in EU is just a perfect solution for those who work or run a company in the European Union. We translate between all European languages for all kinds of industries in the Region.


New York Translation

Translation Services in New York

When you run a company or if you have an office in NY you will definitely need New York Translation Services. We translate Documents, Websites, and Videos in New York and beyond!


London Translation

Translation Services in London

London Translation Services is a must if you are involved in international business managed from UK. You can have a translation into over 20 languages in one place!


Berlin Translation

Translation Services in Berlin

When you have a business or personal relations with German entities you may need the Berlin Translation Services as the best tool for communication in the region.