PDF Translation

Translation of documents in any format - PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, PPT, and more!

Translation of PDF Document from English to other languages. 

PDF Translation in different business and industrial sectors.

Scanned PDF

Scanned PDF Translation

Many PDF documents are actually the scanned copies of paper documents. You may copy your certificates, licences or any corporate and private papers and convert them to and save them in PDF format. It will save your drive space and make the transfer of the files much easier. You amy also copy images and any other material that can be scanned. 

PDF Booklet

PDF Booklet Translation

Booklets are number one documents that are presented and displayed in PDF. Nearly all industries produce and distribute their booklets describing their products and services in a modern and fashionable way. This is one of the best way to advertise your business and show it to the international market.

PDF Presentation

PDF Presentation Translation

PDF Presenations like Booklets are also widely used for marketing and global coverage. Normally any presentation presents and describes in detail all the benefits your company has in a professional manner and style. It can be used for attracting more clients from around the globe as well.

PDF Manual

PDF Manual Translation

PDF Manuals are the must for companies and/or any organization which has any kind of product or service for sale or distribution. There are variuos types of manuals, from pure description of the item to the detailed design and procedure for operation and maintenance of what you manufacture and sell.

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Translation of PDF Documents 

Thousands of documents are either made from scratch or converted from MS Word to PDF for easy viewing, storage and file sharing or transfer. PDF is really easy in use and very convenient for any kind of application. No matter what difficulty of the project is this format stands out as the most required for both corporate and personal needs. 

There are any ways the PDF format is used. It can be used as a scanned copy of the legal or technical document or it can be the conversion from another format, i.e. from Word, Excel, PPT or InDesign formats. You can save even AutoCAD drawing in PDF and view it in Acrobat Reader or any other file viewer where PDF is supported.


Definitely the PDF document is the result of some work done on different other formats. But you can save, store and send the files in PDF much easier than in any other formats. PDF just captures the text along with multiple images keeping the same layoutting of the document and makes it look fine but without the possibility to move or edit anything in the file. So it is just a super high quality copy of the original file with all visual features and elements as it is in the original.


Since PDF keeps all the original components as they are this format is also used for copying and forwarding the legal and official documents. PDF keeps all imagery in the file, like stamps and signatures and so it is accepted for usage in the high rank relations, transactions and agreements. PDF language translation is what we can do in a professional and timely manner. 

PDF Translation is always requested for translation of documentation into multiple languages. If you need the translation PDF we can do that for you and your business. GLS provides PDF document translation at best market prices. PDF file translation is just what our transalators can do for you in over 20 languages. So if you are looking for PDF translations you are welcome to send your files to us for our review, cost estimate and translation. Whether you need the translation PDF file or translation of PDF documents we can help you with that. We also provide the French to English translation pdf document.


So it can be easily said that PDF is VIP documents friendly. If you need to translate a PDF document just send us the file with comments to it and we shall have a look at the file and once we have reviewed it we shall send you the price quote for translation.

The price quote for translation is absolutely the same except for the cost for formatting of the file, i.e. conversion from PDF to MS Word for translation of text and/or images (if any). As PDF is non-editable we have to make it editable by converting the document into the editable format. Word format is the most convenient for translation of text and for making any changes in the layoutting of the document page. 

PDF File Translation

Translation of PDF Files

When you need a bulk translation of documents the PDF format is just a perfect solution for this demand. You may have a lot of files in different formats or even printed copies of documents which you need to translate from one language into another. In order to facilitate and make your work easier you have to convert all the big files, printed hard copies in paper, certificates and legal documents, AutoCAD drawings and many other documents into PDF files.

The size of converted files will be much less than when you keep the docs in the original format. Sometimes, the size could be reduced by three or four times upon conversion into the more convenient format like PDF. 


Along with hard copy paper files the project or any other documentation shall be kept in electronic copies for years. So not only the paper documents are stored in archives but also in electronic format as well. There are not too many formats that the documents can be saved in. Among the most useful are PDF and JPG. JPG file is just a picture/image of the document but it ,ay weigh a little heavier than PDF. So storekeepers and just any manager will give preference to PDF format. It is light and does not require any additional efforts to save or transfer or print. Unlike JPG, the PDF format does not to be so much zipped or compressed.


The text translated in let's say MS Word can be saved and sent back to you in PDF. You may send us the files in whatever available format and we shall do the rest. We shall translate your text in your files (if it is editable) and then convert it into any type of document according to your needs and project requirements.