Book Translation

Book Translation in any genre - General Fiction, Science Fiction, and more!

Translation of Book from English to over 20 major world languages. 

Books Translation in different types - Memoirs, Publicistic, History, Adventure, and more!


Memoirs and Biography Translation

The Memoirs and Biographies are one of the most frequently translated books. Remebrance of one's life for descendants or wide public for showing the bright moments as a good example or prospect for future generations.


Fiction and Novel Translation

General Fiction, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, and other types of fiction stories for young, adult, and elderly people. Novels about space flights, travels and journeys, fights and wars, historical pictures of the past and present.


Adventure Translation

Adventure Books describing the main character's facing the wilderness or Mother Nature. Also, it depicts the surviving in hostile environment, gaining new splendid experience, and getting closer to the natural world, as well as experiencing fascinating and picturesque affects of the surrounding world.


Journal Translation

Scientific Journal, Medical Journal, Academic Journal, Literary Magazine, Newspaper, Gazette, and other books describing the daily or regular events, logbooks, diaries. 

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Book Translation Services for Your Great Works

Book Translation is one of our primary service that we provide for our clients. Many people write books of different types and styles. It can be a Novel, or Science Fiction, or Historical Fiction, or Adventure book, or Biography or Memoir, or a Journal. All of the them need translation to different languages. We offer translation of books from English into over 20 other foreign languages. Over the last few years we have translated hundreds of pages of novels and memoirs. If you have some work to be translated and published in the country of your target audience you can use our services and get a fine tuned literary translation of your books. As any other translation provider we have our own Disclaimer for translation of text.

Novel Translation

Translation of Novels for publishing and printing

Novel Translation is our number one service that is requested by our clients - book writers. A lot of novels are translated and published in huge quantities and in all languages. Books with hundreds of pages and little fiction stories are written for local and internatinal readers. The more people will know about your written novel the more sales you will have and the more people will know about you and your life or even business. Novels of different styles are welcome for translation into all European and Asian languages. The process of translation actually includes the review, translation, proofreading, and editing. For polishing and fine tuning we can edit the text for two and more times. So you will get a perfect translation work in the final. Many of those clients that we had requested for translation of their Novels from English to German, from Russian to English, from French to English.

Biography Translation

Translation of Biography and Memoirs for wide audience

Many people, our clients, forward their books - Memoirs and Biographies, for translation into German, Spanish, French, English, Chinese, and other languages. As any other books the translation of Biography takes the same time and effort. We translate, proofread, and edit the text. Once the text is checked, reviewed, and approved at your end, we deliver the entire translation of your Memoir. The price for translation into different languages may vary depending on the rareness and complexity of the language. I.e. the translation from English to Spanish or German can be one, but the price for translation into let's say Japanese will cost by1.5 times more due to the specificity of the Japanese characters and the unique grammar. Same for scandinavian languages like Norwegian, Swedish, and Finnish. The process of Biography translation is the same as for Novel translation. We use native-speaking translators, proofreaders and editors.

Fiction Translation

Translation of Fiction Stories for reading by millions

Translation of Fiction stories is very unique as it should consider the style and the sense of the writing as well as the target reader it was ment for. Many Science Fictions have been translated into dozens of languages, including English (if it was written in a foreign language), German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Korean, and other languages. The popularity of Fiction stories is great due to the people's interest in some fantastic and unreal. Besides, fiction stories mix the real world objects and environment with something unusual and imaginary (fabulous). We translate fiction stories (General Fiction, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction) using our best native-speaking translators. We translate, proofread, and edit the translated text so many times as it should be required for having the polished and grinded translation for our valuable clients.

Journal Translation

Translation of Journals and Magazines for mass media

Journal translation is our another service for those who need to translate their Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, Gazettes, and other Diaries and Logbooks with regular records of events and information. So we have a large and wide scope of translation services for you - Novels, Fiction, Memoirs, and Journals. You send us your material - text in MS Word or PDF, we review it, make sime inquiries regarding the content of the book, style of writing, possible mishaps and errors, make a full picture in the form of essay, and commence translating the book. In the process of translation you are welcome for any questions and inquiries about the progress. Journals can be translated to any language. We offer translation into 20+ languages. If you need to translate your Journal into the language not in our list of languages, we shall certainly translate it for you into virtually any language upon your request.