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Research Study Translation Services

Are you looking for professional and accurate certified translation of research studies? Do you need to translate research studies in a narrow niche or on specific subject? Whether you need to translate case study, scientific study, clinical trials, observation study, social study, community study, doctoral study, or interdisciplinary study, we can handle your documents in whatever industry and whatever volume! We translate and certify all kinds of documents, including reports, records, presentations, contracts, certificates, user manuals, catalogs, specifications, and more!

Research study translation services

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Translation of Research Studies

Are you looking for professional certified research study translation services in your place? Do you need the translation of one research study document or a package of documents for your industry? Do you have to translate research studies for public relations, marketing, scientifc and laboratory works, development, production, integration? You are in the right place and on the right track!

Translation services catering to research studies cover a wide spectrum of documents, including case studies, clinical trials, scientific inquiries, social and community studies, doctoral dissertations, interdisciplinary research, and more. These services provide a critical bridge across linguistic barriers, allowing for the exchange of knowledge and expertise in academic and scientific realms. By rendering these documents into various languages, they enable researchers, students, and professionals across the globe to access a wealth of information that might otherwise remain inaccessible due to language constraints.

  • Competitive rates - from as low as 0.07 USD per source word

  • Fast turnaround time – from as quick as the same day delivery

  • Full Compliance with ISO 17100:2015 and EN 15038

  • Accurate translation with 24/7 customer service

  • PDF, Word, Excel, Power Point, AutoCAD, and more

  • Professional translators for your industry

  • Study Translation into over 20 world languages

The translated research studies hold significant practical applications. They play a pivotal role in disseminating groundbreaking scientific findings and insights. They aid researchers in replicating experiments, validating hypotheses, and building upon prior research. This not only fosters a deeper understanding of various cultures and societies but also contributes to the enrichment of global knowledge databases. These translations are vital in informing policy development and providing solutions that extend beyond geographical confines. Their reach spans multiple sectors, from academia to healthcare, social sciences, environmental studies, and technological advancements.

Translated research studies have a profound impact on global collaboration. By breaking language barriers, they encourage international cooperation, innovation, and progress across disciplines and geographical boundaries. They amplify the potential for collaboration among researchers, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and insights. This not only aids in expanding knowledge but also in propelling advancements that benefit diverse communities worldwide. Their role in bridging the gap between researchers from different linguistic backgrounds is integral to the collective growth and understanding of diverse fields.

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Case study translation

Case Study Translation

Translation of case studies. Case studies come in various forms, each serving unique purposes across diverse industries. They range from illustrative cases that provide a detailed narrative, to exploratory and cumulative cases that delve into specific phenomena or gather information over time. In industries such as marketing, healthcare, finance, and technology, case studies serve as invaluable tools. They offer insights, practical solutions, and real-world examples, aiding decision-making, problem-solving, and knowledge dissemination.

Scientific study translation

Scientific Study Translation

Translation of scientific studies. Scientific studies encompass a broad spectrum, including observational, experimental, descriptive, and analytical research. Their applications span industries like pharmaceuticals, environmental science, psychology, and technology. Observational studies observe and record phenomena, while experimental studies test hypotheses. Descriptive studies analyze and describe a subject's characteristics, and analytical studies delve into cause-and-effect relationships. These studies drive innovation, inform policy, and shape advancements across industries, offering critical insights and evidence-based solutions.

Clinical trial translation

Clinical Trial Translation

Translation of clinical trials. Clinical trials encompass phases—ranging from testing a new intervention's safety (Phase I) to its effectiveness (Phases II and III) and post-market surveillance (Phase IV). They're vital in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology industries. Phase I ensures safety, while Phases II and III assess effectiveness. Phase IV monitors outcomes after widespread use. Clinical trials drive medical innovation, shape treatment protocols, and provide crucial data for regulatory approval, ensuring safe and effective interventions for diverse healthcare needs.

Observation study translation

Observation Study Translation

Translation of observational sutdies. Observational studies, such as cohort, case-control, and cross-sectional studies, are prevalent in healthcare, social sciences, and marketing. Cohort studies follow specific groups over time, case-control studies compare those with and without a condition, and cross-sectional studies analyze data at a single point. They inform medical interventions, social trends, and consumer behavior, offering insights into causal relationships, prevalence, and factors impacting various phenomena in different industries.

Social study translation

Social Study Translation

Translation of social studies. Social studies encompass a range from sociology, anthropology, to political science. These studies include ethnographies, surveys, and qualitative analyses. Ethnographies delve into cultural behavior, surveys gather quantitative data, and qualitative analyses explore in-depth social phenomena. They play a crucial role in shaping policies, understanding societal dynamics, and consumer behaviors across industries like education, governance, and market research, providing insights into societal structures and behavior patterns.


Community Study Translation

Translation of community studies. Community studies encompass various forms such as needs assessments, participatory action research, and community-based participatory research. Needs assessments identify community requirements, participatory action research involves community members in studies, and community-based participatory research collaborates with communities for solutions. These studies find application in public health, urban planning, and social work, guiding interventions, policies, and programs tailored to address specific community needs, fostering community development and well-being.

Doctoral study translation

Doctoral Study Translation

Translation of doctoral studies. Doctoral studies span diverse disciplines, including humanities, sciences, and professional fields. They involve theoretical, experimental, and applied research. In humanities, research focuses on theoretical frameworks, while sciences delve into experimental inquiries. Professional fields merge theory with practical applications. These studies contribute to academic knowledge, innovation, and expertise, playing a significant role in shaping policy, advancing specialized fields, and providing solutions to complex issues across various industries and academia.

Interdisciplinary study translation

Interdisciplinary Study Translation

Translation of interdisciplinary studies. Interdisciplinary studies merge multiple disciplines to address complex problems and create holistic solutions. These studies include bioinformatics, environmental studies, and public policy. Bioinformatics combines biology and computer science, environmental studies link science with policy, and public policy integrates various social sciences. They find application in fields like healthcare, sustainability, and governance, offering comprehensive approaches to societal and environmental challenges, driving innovation, and shaping strategies for multifaceted issues across different industries and sectors.


Case study translation services encompass various types of cases, from illustrative narratives to exploratory and cumulative studies. These services bridge linguistic barriers, facilitating access to invaluable knowledge across industries such as marketing, healthcare, finance, and technology. They offer insights into real-world examples, aiding decision-making and problem-solving. Translated case studies provide multifaceted benefits across diverse sectors. In marketing, they highlight successful strategies, enabling global companies to adapt localized marketing techniques. In healthcare, these translations disseminate medical breakthroughs, allowing practitioners worldwide to implement innovative treatments and techniques. Financial case studies aid in understanding market trends, supporting informed investment decisions across different cultures and regions. Technology case studies foster cross-border innovation, allowing technological advancements to transcend language boundaries, shaping the future of industries worldwide.


The applications of translated case studies are expansive. They serve as learning tools, offering practical solutions, best practices, and industry insights. They aid in shaping business strategies, informing research and development initiatives, and guiding decision-makers in various fields. For educational purposes, they offer diverse perspectives and real-world applications, enriching academic curricula and fostering a global understanding of industry-specific challenges and successes. Moreover, these translations facilitate international collaboration, allowing professionals to learn from one another's experiences, thereby fostering a more interconnected global marketplace.

In essence, translated case studies are invaluable assets. They not only break language barriers but also serve as vehicles of knowledge exchange, innovation, and problem-solving. Their applications across industries, from influencing marketing strategies to guiding medical interventions, emphasize their crucial role in shaping the success and advancements of diverse fields. These translations ensure that the wealth of knowledge contained within case studies is accessible and applicable to a broader, more diverse audience, contributing to the growth and evolution of industries on a global scale.

Fast and accurate document translation for international projects

Translation of case studies from English to German


Scientific research study translation services encompass a diverse array of studies, ranging from observational and experimental research to descriptive and analytical inquiries. These services play a pivotal role in breaking language barriers, facilitating the dissemination of groundbreaking scientific knowledge across various industries. They bridge gaps in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, environmental science, psychology, and technology. Translating these studies ensures that critical insights, empirical evidence, and technological advancements are accessible to a global audience, enabling professionals and researchers worldwide to benefit from diverse scientific discoveries.

The applications of translated scientific studies are extensive. In pharmaceuticals, these translations aid in sharing clinical trial outcomes, enabling the global medical community to access and implement new drug discoveries and treatment methodologies. Environmental science studies provide crucial insights into climate patterns and ecological shifts, aiding policymakers in developing strategies for sustainability and conservation worldwide. Psychological studies, when translated, contribute to a deeper understanding of human behavior and mental health, influencing therapeutic interventions and social policies. Technological research studies, when made accessible through translation, facilitate global innovation by sharing cutting-edge advancements in various fields, fostering technological evolution and implementation across cultures and borders.

The use of translated scientific studies spans beyond academic research; it drives innovation, influences policy-making, and shapes technological advancements. Their implications across industries, from advancing medical treatments to informing environmental policies and technological developments, underscore their pivotal role in shaping the progress and advancements of diverse sectors. These translations not only ensure that the vast reservoir of scientific knowledge is accessible but also enable the utilization of this knowledge to address complex issues, fuel innovation, and drive progress in various fields, thus contributing to the collective growth and evolution of industries on a global scale.

Fast and accurate document translation for international projects

Translation of research studies from English to German


Clinical trials translation services encompass various types of trials, from Phase I safety assessments to Phase II and III efficacy studies and Phase IV post-market surveillance. These services play a vital role in ensuring that critical medical research, pharmaceutical advancements, and healthcare innovations are accessible globally. They bridge language barriers in industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, enabling professionals worldwide to access and implement advancements in medical treatments and interventions. Translating these trials ensures that safety protocols, treatment effectiveness, and post-market assessments are comprehensible and actionable across diverse linguistic landscapes.

The applications of translated clinical trials are far-reaching. In the healthcare industry, these translations facilitate the dissemination of medical breakthroughs, ensuring that practitioners worldwide can access and adopt new drug discoveries and treatment methodologies. They play a crucial role in shaping healthcare policies and treatment protocols, influencing regulatory decisions and healthcare practices worldwide. In the pharmaceutical sector, translated clinical trials aid in securing regulatory approvals and shaping drug development strategies, fostering international collaboration and ensuring that critical information about drug safety and efficacy is universally comprehensible. Biotechnology and medical research benefit from these translations, driving advancements and innovative interventions that transcend language barriers, contributing to the evolution and enhancement of medical practices and treatments.

The use of translated clinical trials goes beyond medical research; they play a significant role in shaping healthcare practices, informing policy decisions, and influencing regulatory standards. These translations drive medical innovation, shaping treatment protocols and providing crucial data for regulatory approval, ensuring the safe and effective implementation of medical interventions across diverse healthcare needs. Their impact on healthcare and pharmaceutical industries underscores their pivotal role in shaping the progress and advancements of medical practices and treatments on a global scale, ensuring that critical medical research and innovations are accessible and actionable across diverse linguistic contexts.

Fast and accurate document translation for international projects

Translation of clinical trials from English to German


Social studies translation services cover a broad spectrum of research, including ethnographies, surveys, and qualitative analyses. These services are instrumental in breaking language barriers, enabling insights into social phenomena, human behavior, and cultural dynamics across industries such as education, governance, market research, and more. Translating these studies ensures that societal trends, behavioral analyses, and cultural understandings are accessible globally, fostering a comprehensive understanding of societal structures and behavioral patterns.

The applications of translated social studies are vast. In education, these translations enrich academic curricula, offering diverse perspectives and real-world applications, fostering a global understanding of societal complexities. In governance and public policy, they offer insights into social trends and cultural dynamics, aiding in the development of policies that address the needs of diverse communities. Market research benefits from these translations by understanding consumer behaviors across cultures, influencing marketing strategies and product development. These translations drive innovation, inform decision-making, and shape strategies for societal and consumer-related issues across different industries and sectors.


The use of translated social studies goes beyond academic research; they play a significant role in shaping policies, informing strategies, and understanding societal dynamics. Their impact across industries, from influencing governance decisions to guiding market strategies and educational curricula, emphasizes their critical role in shaping societal understanding and driving advancements in various fields. These translations ensure that the depth of social knowledge contained within studies is accessible and applicable to a broader, more diverse audience, contributing to the enrichment and evolution of industries and societal frameworks on a global scale.

Fast and accurate document translation for international projects

Translation of social studies from English to German

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