Translators of documents in any format - PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, PPT, and more!

Translator of text from English to over 20 major world languages. 

Translators in different business and industrial sectors.

Professional Document Translator

Are you looking for professional native-speaking English translator in your city? Do you need to hire or contract a linguist to translate your documents into your target language?

GLS has over 1000 qualified and experienced translators.

We are contracting Translation Agencies and cooperate with over 1000 translators from around the globe in over 20 languages ready to meet your immediate and critical language translation needs and respond to your urgent tasks in a matter of hours!

Whatever the volume of your project we are absolutely capable and resourceful to assist you and support you in attaining your individual or corporate goals.


Freelance and In-house Native-speaking Translators

Whether your project is just the translation of a small excerpt from a larger text or a heavy-weight translation of a large file containing over 100K words, our team of freelance and in-house translators are ready for the next assignment with your project. They are absolutely commited to quality and professional approach to your particular document.

With over 1000 translators we have more than sufficient resources to accomodate your project, handle it with accuracy and care and deliver the high-quality polished product in the final. The number of linguists engaged in one project may vary depending on the size of the document and on how many languages you have to translate your file into.

One professional translator can take up to 5000 words a day which he can process and convert from English to German, French, Russian, Chinese or any other language. Each translator is proficient in a specific area of expertise, be it Business, Engineering, Medicine, Oil and Gas, IT, AI, Biotech, Sports or Arts. If the project is not urgent and has less than 10 000 words the translation of your document will be assigned to one translator specialising in translation of only your subject matter. But if you have a large file - over 10K words - and you have a tight schedule we will involve at least two translators able to cope with your project and handle it in a professional manner according to your custom requirements.

We have translators in all major world languages. Please see below.

English translator. German translator. French translator. Spanish translator. Portuguese translator. Italian translator. Dutch translator. Danish translator. Norwegian translator. Swedish translator. Finnish translator. Russian translator. Turkish translator. Arabic translator. Hebrew translator. Chinese translator. Korean translator. Japanese translator.

Most of translators are fluent in English, French, Spanish or Portuguese as these languages are popular and used as official and state languages in a lot of countries. In case you have to translate a document into more than one language we invite linguists of the respective languages for translation of your file. For non-urgent translations we allocate one translator for each language. But if you need it fast or on the same day we will cooperate with as many translators as required for the fastest and yet high-quality translation.

International Linguists

Translation of documents by Qualified and Experienced Linguists

Every linguists is going through a rigorous check and testing. Any new translator who applies for cooperation and further working with our translation company is checked for knowledge of the stated fields and languages. It is also possible to verify the freelancer's skills by making him or her translate the first 300 words and forward the translated text to the client for their review and summary.

If the translator is accepted as the one who passed the tests succesfully we may also run another test for him to make sure he is eligible to translate your particular subject. The proficiency of translator is critically important as the knowledge of your business or indusrrial sector guarantees the accuracy of translation and professional style of converted words.

Any translations are double checked for quality by the second translator or proofreader. If the text belongs to engineering or hi-tech sectors it will also be reviewed by the industry-specific editor or specialists in the field. Normally, we go through a two-tier acknowledgment process which consists of scanning the text for errors and grammatical mistakes and double-check for style and terminology.

The way and method you choose for finding and selecting the translator fit for your specific task is very important as it is the foundation upon which your entire project rests. You can search for a translator on the web by just entering the "translator" word in the search engine browse field and then selecting the best one among hundreds or thousands of popped up results. This might be a good method but time consuming. Besides, you just don't know the person nor anything about his or her qualification and experience. And even though many freelancers publish their cases still you have to make sure if the linguist is fit for your particular project. 

Unless you are planning to expand your staff with a translation department you will need the external help of some translation services provider who would be capable enough to cover up your needs in language translation of your documents. To save your precious time we offer you our support in language translation throughout the project, from start to finish. We provide document translation services by selecting the best translator in your industry and forwarding your valuable material to him for his translation work.

The prices for translation vary depending on the subject, volume and urgency.