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PDF Translation

MRI, CAT scan analysis translation

One of the critically important element and phase in any treatment is the medical analysis. It can be the blood analysis, or MRI or any kind of screening and scanning of body or individual organs. I can also be the physical testing on some simulator or machine or device. We translate different documents and reports with results of analysis and tests.

Medical Report Translation

Reports are just a major part of any sector, including the medicine. Report is the information of some test result of both healthy and ill person, before or after the treatment or surgery. Report can also display the current health status of a person under medical care and prove the diagnosis made by different tests and analysis methods. We translate all kinds of medical test and analysis reports.

Documet Translation

Medical Equipment User Guide Translation

Most of the new medical equipment needs to be explained and the doctors working on it should be trained. User Guides or Manuals are very good at hepling and prompting the practitioner how to use the medical tools and devices. We translate any and all types of operation and maintenance manuals and user guides.

Certified Translation

Medical Prescription Translation

Prescription is just another important element in healthcare and treatment. Mainly it contains the instructions for the patient to follow to get a maximum positive result and descriptions of the drugs and medicines to be used for cure. We translate prescriptions for patient and any descriptions of medicines. 

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Medical Document Translation

Medical Translation Services even when you are under treatment

Translation of Medical Documents is of a great importance and necessity. Oftentimes the translation of medical records or inspection results may save or ruin someone's life. In order not to jeopardise anybody's lives the medical reports or anamnesis should be translated very fast if not immediately. And, of course, the accuracy of translation is no less important than the speed of translation process. Every single term should be converted in its correct meaning and implication. The loss of a thread of meaning or incorrect translation of a specific medical term may lead to some serious consequences in treatment of a patient. And if it concers the surgical operation it becomes even more critical. Every word should be considered in such cases.

We are ready 24/7 for accepting your requests for medical document translation and delivering it in a professional and timely manner. If you need the translation urgently we shall do our best to accomodate your project and arrange for quickest translation according to your clinical needs.

When the patient is under treatment we can do the translation of all the current scans, tomograms, MRIs, and all other kinds of reports on internal and external examinations. So the translation will be delivered right on time, during the time of taking a cure and going under intensive care.

Medical Translation is one of our key services that we provide. GLS provides medical translation services at best market price. We also offer English to Spanish medical translation and English to French medical translation.

When you need to have your medical report or exeprt from anamnesis translated urgently you should have a translator available all the time. It is not always possible, so you start looking for something different and more reliable. We can stay with you throughout your medicare or treatment course whatever schedule and conditioons. 

You may also have some scans copied in pdf or in other formats which require the translation from English to French or Spanish or German, or any other languages conceivable. We can just assign the translation of your documents to a specific translator-native speaker of the demanded language. Also, if the subject is rather specific we shall forward the translated file to a medical editor or doctor, so that the final text could be interpreted not only by patient but by the doctors speaking another language.

Medical Translation Company

Translation of Medical Documents into your target language

Medical text is specific and requires specific knowledge and skills to translate documents of medical origin and nature. If you are going through the initial examination or tests you may need to get converted some papers for verification and double check with other foreign doctors. Or if you have an on-going medicare with pills and drugs this will be mandatory to translate the prescription or instruction issued by the clinic for reading by any other specialist in his or her language. 

Also, if you lay in a hospital in a foreign country, like Israel or Korea, or Austria, you will definitely need the language support of any kind unless, of course, you know the language of the country. Definitely, the clinics that have patients from different countries and have a status of international hospital will have or may have some linguists, even doctors themselves having the knowledge of a foreign language like German, Russian, Spanish, or Arabic. But they can only be useful for interpreting - oral communication with patient.

As for the document translation of different kinds of medical material you will still need the services of a language translator or translation company which would be able to translate it for you as the clinic can only advise the service provider for document translation and not translate it for you.

Sooner or later you will encounter the need for some professional language translation agency or anybody with language skills to help you with medical document translation. The hospitals or clinics will always need the language services for their communication challenges.


Also, any pharmaceutical company would need the translation of documents, instructions and descriptions of medicines into other languages of the pharmacology market. With the ever growing market of pharmacy the necessity of translation into Japanese and Korean, or Chinese is increasing all the time. 


There are many other languages that your documents have to be translated into. If you hire just one translator of one language he may only help you with converting your file into just one foreign language. But if you have documents to be read on different continents and at distant corners of the world, you will have to think about contracting some translation company for your convenience that would be able to accomodate all your translation projects and translate your documents into more than two languages.