Translation Company

Translation Company for translation of documents, websites, videos.

Translation Company for translation in over 20 major world languages. 

Translation Companies for different business and industrial sectors.

Document Translation

Document Translation

Document Translation is our number one priority service which we render using our best native-speaking translators located in different countries depending on the language pair you request. The number of pages or subject do not matter as we have professionals in every language, any subject and enough capacity and resources to take as many documents for translation as your project requires.

Website Translation

Website Translation

Website Translation is a very popular service with the growth and increase of online presence of business and industry. All the information that was ever on paper now is available for free online. Besides, nowadays, in order to be known and seen by thousands and win the local or international market you have to translate website into the language of your potential customer.

Documet Translation

Video Translation

Video Translation or Voice Over and Subtitling is used for TV show, Private Video, Corporate Presentation, Feature Film, Commercials, Training Video, Documentary Video. We use professional voices for records and up-to-date software for making the captioning and fine tuning for dubbing.

Copywriting Service

Copywriting Services

Copywriting is our another service we provide for those who need a content for their website or blog or magazine. We copywrite texts for periodicals and journals as well as for daily news and any commercial updates. We also write text for presentation of brands, products and services.

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Translation Company providing professional translation services

We have joined our efforts and forces and made up a Translation Services Company - Global Language Solution ltd. registered in Hong Kong. Our physical presence is in EU, UK, and USA, but the service is offered and provided online in any parts of the world just upon your single request for translation.

You can rely on our services as we comply with GDRP and ISO and have a significant database of available professional translators for any language, subject and volume.

Whether you need the translation for individual purposes or for corporate we are ready to take as much documentation for translation as your specification and project require. In case you need to translate documents to over 5 languages we are also equipped to cope with such task with ease and in a professional manner. You have just to send us the file or files for our review, cost estimate and translation.

GLS is an international translation company. Among other translation companies we stand out as the most cost effective. We are also in the list of US translation companies and UK translation companies. If you are looking for US translation company and translation companies UK. GLS is the professional translation services company among the top translation companies. Also we can be found as the translation company Australia, Denver translation company, translation companies London, translation company Singapore, translation companies in California, Singapore translation company.

There are actually three steps you should follow to get the document translated. You submit us the document, we count the number of words, estimate the cost, and, if you approve the price, translate it. The only thing we need from you in this process, beside the document for translation, your approval of the cost estimate. So, once it's approved, we proceed with translation and deliver the translated product.

Translation Companies

Translation Agencies for your language communication needs

Our services are diverse - from just Document Translation to Copywriting.

We are the Translation Agency (same as Company) providing a wide range of translation services.

Document Translation

We translate documents in all subjects and between over 20 languages. It can be user guides, manuals, reports, contracts, certificates, regulations, booklets, presentations, and more. You can send us the document both in original format and in PDF. We work with any format and can deliver the final translation in the format you require.

Website Translation

Now all the information is online. Hence the success of business is now more dependent on how well you have promoted your website and how many people can read your text about your products or services. We translate websites from English to any other language at your convenience in your niche.

Vieo Translation

Most of the information is now on video. Besides, video makes the information more attractive and apprehensible by people, including the foreign public. Same as documents and websites, Videos should also be translated into the language of its viewers. The more people see and understand your video the more customers you will have.


A lot of articles and just texts are written every day in mass media, in blogs and on websites as well as for video and for public speeches. Mostly the articles are written in English but a lot of audience can be just lost if it remains only in English. So we Copywrite business. commercial, advertisement, and all other kinds of texts in different languages - English, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and more!