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Scientific Document Translation

The subject of science has a broad meaning and encompasses several branches, including Formal Sciences, Natural/Pure Science, Social Sciences, Applied Sciences, Life Sciences, Physical Sciences. It, respectively, has subcategories like Logic, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Ecology, Geology, Biology, Zoology, Botany, and more. Since the subject of science is widely used so the translation of scientific documents, texts, works, and projects is vastly demanded.

Scientific Translation is Ever Demanded

If you are a representative of a scientific world you have probably at some point of time done some scientific work. If you use this work internally, i.e. within your mother country, you will present it in your own languages. However, if you want your paper to be read by millions of globally you will have to translate your scientific paper into the language of your target audience. Scientists and researchers are joining in combined working for scientific project. This makes the scientific translation ever more demanded and indispensable. 

We Translate Scientific Works in Your Language

Most of the scientific works have been written in English, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, German, and Hebrew. But of course we are not limited to the above languages when it concerns the distribution of scientific information across the world. Among other documents that could be referred to the scientific sector are research papers and science journals. They are published in all major world languages, so any interested person can get a valuable scientific knowledge about scientific advances in his or her native language. 

Quality Assurance for Scientific Translation

Scientific translation always implies accurate and precise translation. It means we cooperate with and contract only the professional scientific translators highly qualified in various fields of science. Besides, we work with post graduates, scholars, masters, researchers, and doctors in specific areas of expertise. We adopted a unique process and method of handling scientific projects consisting in the assignment of the project to a translator specializing in your specific area and managing your translation from scratch to final delivery. The quality assurance procedure we follow ensures you get the top quality final product. 

Translation for Institutions and Universities 

Scientific texts are usually written by experts in various scientific sectors and contain different study findings, summaries, investigations and research results that are written using specific field-related terms and language. Among the most frequent users of scientific translation services are universities, colleagues, and research institutions. To endure the accuracy and precision we use the services of a dedicated professional translators with years of credentials in accurate translation of scientific texts.

Benefit from Translation of Scientific Researches

Most of the scientific papers are written in English language as English is a global language and officially used and spoken in most countries. However, to spread the scientific knowledge globally the text should be translated and published in as many languages as possible. Thus every country and nation can benefit from scientific findings achieved by a small group of people – scientists. 

Higher Cost for Specific Scientific Translation

The cost of scientific translation is a bit higher than let’s say the cost of general text or even technical translation. It is so because scientific text is full of very specific and sophisticated terminology known to just few people. Since the contents of scientific texts are often quoted by another scientists or used in scientific literature the translation of such text must be conclusive, accurate, correct and consistent and be done by a competent and qualified scientific translator.

Competent and Specialized Scientific Translators

The translation of scientific work is important and critical as the scientific works usually continue to be read by millions for many years after publication, quoted, excerpted and used in any other scientific work by other people, researchers, institutes or universities in different countries. It makes the scientific translation very sensitive and subject to the stricter quality control. Therefore, the translators doing this kind of translation should be highly qualified and experienced, competent and specialized in translation of a specific field of science.

If you need a translation of your scientific work, researches or findings, we would be happy to send you a free quote for professional translation of scientific text. And our experienced, qualified, competent and specialized native speaking translators would be glad to help you with translation of your documents, websites, or videos!