Website Translation

Translation of websites in any CMS - WP, Drupal, Joomla, and more!

Translation of website from English to over 20 major world languages. 

Website Translation in different business and industrial sectors.


Webpage Translation

You may need to translate just a single webpage or a few pages of your website from your native or source language into English or any other language according to your marketing or communication requirements.


Website Translation

If you need to translate a website we can translate the entire website or just some of the pages for your convenience and the comfort of your target audience so that they could learn and understand what you sell and take respective actions.


Blog Translation

A lot of blog articles are written every day in different languages. Blogs have become like a driving platforms for information distribution and sharing. Valuable and interesting articles have to be translated to be read by international audience.


Localization Services

Website Localization is one of the services we provide in translation. It is actually an adaptation of the translated text to the audience you have to show your website to. We localize websites in all major languages.

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Translation of websites, website content

In the digital environment where all of the information should be online the necessity of website translation is rather huge. Everyday or even every hour thousands of texts and articles are written in different foreign languages. Website contect is continuously updated and increased with blog articles or new items for ecommerce. Copywriters create new masterpieces for online business and marketing for information, advertisement, and SEO. If you need the publicity not only in your area or country you would probably have to translate your website content into the language of the audience you are reaching out to. 

If you are looking for translation websites to English, GLS provides website translation just for your needs! Our website translation services are delivered in a professional and timely manner. The translation website is what we are. We can help you with website translations in over 20 European and Asian languages. When you type in the translation websites you may come up with Spanish translation website or Spanish translations website. But we can translate your website literally into any language, not only Spanish.

Blog Translation

Translation of Blog and Blog Articles

Translation of Blogs or Blog articles is just another service that may be requested as part of website translation. There are certainly websites that allow its users to create Blogs and write articles as Bloggers. But also there are multitudes of websites that have a Blog page with its proprietary aticles dedicated specifically to the website content and subject. 

You may not need to translate your Blog as it is written in one language, primarily English language, for international public. But still if you want your website visitors to read your blog text in their native language you are welcome to request for translation of your blog pages into the requested language.

Webpage Translation

Translation of webpages, single-page websites

Translation of webpages is popular as it does not take much funds and time to get it done. It may be the matter of just one page or a single-page website where there is not much content. You can also pick out and select certain text for translation.

The website can be translated online and offline. Online translation is when the content is translated in CMS or CMR. Offline translation is when it is done in an editable text document like MS Word, Excel or PPT.

You just send us the text file for translation with detailed description of what should be translated.