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We translate documents, websites, and videos to and from English language across all sectors, including but not limited to: Business, Law, Medicine, Engineering, Technology, Mass Media, Pharmacy, Finance, Entertainment, Sports, eCommerce, Non-Commercial, Government.


Our goal is to help the client go global, maximize the client’s profit, and minimize the cost for language services.

Wherever you or your business is located, our online presence and project management technology makes it easy to customize our services and respond to your request for English translation in a timely and accurate manner. 

Our adherence to and compliance with ISO and EN quality management regulations ensures the delivery of the high-quality translation product. 

We speak in your language and translate documents, websites and videos between English and over 20 other major world languages.

English Translation

English Translators

Over 100 Native-speaking English translators ready for taking Your project in just minutes!

Professional Qualification

Linguists and Experts qualified and experienced in Your specific field of expertise. 

Global Coverage

Clients from all over the world. Translation of Documents for all industries and businesses, from individuals to corporations.

Secure Transfer and Storage

Secure Transfer and Storage of your documents and private data in compliance with GDRP.

Quality Control

Quality Management in compliance with ISO and EN regulations. Double check by professional linguist and qualified expert.

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You can pay by Bank Transfer, PayPal, Debit and Credit cards.

English Document Translation

English Language Translation Services

English Language Popularity

English Language Global Presence

There are over 350 million native-speaking people in the world, and around 370 people who use English as their second language. 
English is used as an official language in more than 50 countries and at United Nations Organization, European Union, NATO, NAFTA, OAS, OESD, OIC, PIF, UKUSA, and other world, governmental and non-profit organizations.
English language is the most widely used and spoken in the world. It is considered as the first language by major sovereign states, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and by a number of other countries. English can also be found as the second most common language after Chinese (Mandarin) language. Some people say that English might be the third most common language after Spanish. Anyway, it is widely learned by a great number of people as second language.

English Language Variety

Dialects and Accents of English Language Across the World

For some people English language can be a difficult and tricky language. There are some aspects which cause difficulties in translation for non-native English speakers. However, for those who know it perfectly well and use it fluently as their second mother tongue, English is absolutely the best language to communicate and to think.

Still there are at least couple of aspects that may be a handicap in translation into English. These are British English and American English.

British English Translation

British English - dialect used in Great Britain and in the Commonwealth

British English is the English language that is spoken and written in the United Kingdom (Great Britain). Since the language takes its origin in Europe it is more rich in writing and lexicology and is abundant with terminology especially in writing. Also, the British English is different from how the language is spoken in USA. The terms used in UK are more unique, whereas American English is more simple and is formed from combination of two or even three words.

American English Translation

American English - dialect used in the United States and in the alliance countries

American English can be called the simplified English. The grammar and lexicology of the American English is much simpler than that of the British English. The words are often formed by combining two or more simple words whereas British English uses more archaic and single term version that makes the British English more rich and abounding in a variety of single-word terms. English has its origin from the colonization of the American land in the 17th century when first English-speaking settlers from Great Britain arrived. Since then the language was influenced by the African languages, Native American people, Dutch, German, Irish, Spanish, and other languages.

The accent or sound of the American English language is considered as a free form resulted from different dialects brought by different nations and nationalities.

English Translation Company

Professional Translation Company providing 100% Human Translation Services

GLS is a professional English translation company that helps its clients to cope with challenges that come with English translation. Even though the English language is spoken by millions, still it is not an easy task at times to produce the translation to English with pinpoint accuracy. The word-for-word translation version does not always work. So the translator should be able to render the relevant meaning when there is not matching word for it.

English Translators

Qualified and Experienced Translators. Professional Certified and Sworn Linguists

There are over 1M of English translators but to be a bilingual translator is not sufficient for provision of accurate translation. The professional English translator should have more than 5 years of experience in translation services. Our pool of English-speaking translators are sworn and certified linguists who had successfully gone through our internal tests and were deemed capable to deliver high quality English translations across all sectors.

English Translation Services for Your Sector

Full Range of English Translation Services for all your English language translation needs

At GLS we provide specially tailored and customized quality-assured solutions to all of your English translation requests. Within the last decade, we have served hundreds of clients worldwide and built the team of qualified and experienced native speaking English translators. All the projects are handled by our project managers in a professional and accurate manner.

Our translation company provides professional English Translation Services for a wide range of industries, between over 20 languages. The variety of sectors requested for translation is great. However, still there are some of the most commonly demanded translations:

English Medical Translation

English IT Translation

English Legal Translation

English eCommerce Translation

English Technical Translation

English Marketing and Advertising Translation


Also, we are requested to do the following services:

English Document Translation

English Website Translation

English Video Translation

English Copywriting for SEO

English Translation of PDF document


Language combinations that we commonly translate are:

Translation Spanish to English

English to Spanish Translation

Spanish to English Translation

German to English Translation

Translations English Chinese

Translation English to French

Translation French to English

Translation English to Spanish

Translation English to German


English translation is one of the main services we provide. With a team of qualified and experienced translators, and the state of the art technology, we deliver high-quality translation into English and from English, within your time and budget.

High Quality Standards for English Translations

Quality Assurance Standards for English Translations

Global Language Solution complies with international quality assurance standards of ISO9001 and with the European Quality Control procedure of EN15038. So, you can rest assured that your documents are managed and handled by the trusted professionals.

All our in-house and freelance translators are qualified linguists with a vast experience in translation of virtually any sector. Whether it is financial or legal or technical document, we translate them in professional and accurate manner.

Whether you are a private individual or a company, you will always get a high quality product tailored to your specific project.

Translation of English Documents

Translation of Documents from English and to English

At GLS we translate all kinds of documents, including but not limited to manuals, certificates, periodicals, PDF documents, specifications, business proposals, patents, drawings, catalogs, guidelines, pamphlets, booklets, essays, magazine articles, presentation, and a lot more documentation. To make sure you get high-quality English document translation we offer free translation of the first 150 to 300 words in the text. Once the translation to English is completed it is forwarded to the second translator for his review and correction of any errors if found. If you need to translate a document to English you have to submit your file via email or our online quote request form. We shall review it, estimate the cost, and send you our final price quote. If the volume of text to be translated to English is large we shall apply our 5% to 15% discount to your project. We take all efforts to ensure the quality of translation of English document complies with international quality standards and meets your English language translation needs.

German to English Translation Services

Professional Translation from German to English. Translation of documents, websites, videos

German to English Translation services are one of the most looked for on the web as the English and German languages are the most popular languages in Europe and far beyond. German to English can be a beig deal if you don't have anybody around to help you with large volume of texts and documents. To resolve this issue you can make the online request for quote or translation right here. If you ned the German Translation Services you can get the professional German translation by filling in the form and sending us your files.

French to English Translation

Professional Translation from French to English - Documents, Websites, Videos

French to English Translation services are important for individuals and companies or organizations dealing with French counterparts and partners in various business and industrial sectors. If you are looking for professional French to English translation you are in the right place! If you need the French Translation Services you can get them right here. Just make a few clicks and send your file via our online feedback form.

Spanish to English Translations

Professional Translation from Spanish to English by native speaking translators

Spanish to English translations is commonly used by millions of people either speaking in two tongues and having a need to translate something tengible or the business owners who want to build business relations with their clients or contractors on a global scale. You can get a professional Spanish to English translation by native speakers and in your specific area of expertise. For your language communication needs we can offer our Spanish Translation Services at best local prices!

Greek to English Translation Service

Professional Translation from Greek to English in your sector

Greek to English translation service is what you may look for when doing business in the area of Greece or with Greek companies. There are a lot of documents or websites to be translated from Greek to English and vice versa. As the Greece is the member of the European Union the need in tranlation of tons of documents and gigabytes of electronic material is pretty essential. For those in search for language support we can offer our Greek Translation Services.

Korean English Translation Service

Professional Translation from Korean to English by English translator

Korean English translation service by Korean and English translators for your business and industry. When you go to South Korea or if you have business in the country you will need the Korean to English translation. You can be helped well with our translators knowing both Korean and English perfectly. You can get professional Korean English translations at best local prices and according to your specific demands. Since Korean language is one of the most popalr language among IT, Bio, and AI engineers, the Korean Translation Services can be a must for you and your business.

Japanese English Translation Service

Professional Translation from Japanese to English within your specific field

Japanese English translation service may be searched for by those who are running or are going to run business with Japan companies or Japan clients. Undoubtedly, there are millions of words to be translated from Japanese to English language. We provide professional Japanese to English translation by native speakers and at best local market rates. You can get Japanese translations from our company with discounts and free proofreading. Japanese Translation Services is what is requried even more today with the development and growing of Japan market globally.