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We translate documents, websites, and videos to and from English language across all sectors, including but not limited to: Business, Law, Medicine, Engineering, Technology, Mass Media, Pharmacy, Finance, Entertainment, Sports, eCommerce, Non-Commercial, Government.


Our goal is to help the client go global, maximize the client’s profit, and minimize the cost for language services.

Wherever you or your business is located, our online presence and project management technology makes it easy to customize our services and respond to your request for English translation in a timely and accurate manner. 

Our adherence to and compliance with ISO and EN quality management regulations ensures the delivery of the high-quality translation product. 

We speak in your language and translate documents, websites and videos between English and over 20 other major world languages.

English Translation

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English Translators

Over 100 Native-speaking English translators ready for taking Your project in just minutes!

Professional Qualification

Linguists and Experts qualified and experienced in Your specific field of expertise. 

Global Coverage

Clients from all over the world. Translation of Documents for all industries and businesses, from individuals to corporations.

Secure Transfer and Storage

Secure Transfer and Storage of your documents and private data in compliance with GDRP.

Quality Control

Quality Management in compliance with ISO and EN regulations. Double check by professional linguist and qualified expert.

Easy Payment Options

You can pay by Bank Transfer, PayPal, Debit and Credit cards.


English Language Translation

English Language Translation

English is one of the most popular language in the world. It is used as an official language in many countries in the world, at least in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Almost every company or business uses English for communication with partners, clients, customers, employees, and local authorities on a daily basis. Even though English language is rather popular it is not always easy to find the right professional for translation of documents to English. That is because many people speak in colloquial English only and never use it for industrial purposes. English language is a common language for business relations and international projects. GLS will provide English Language Translation for all of your business and industrial communication needs.

Professional English Translation You Can Rely On

If you are looking for exceptional English translation services, look no further! Global Language Solution will be your partner, assistant and guide in translations from English and to English. We draw from a global network of over 1000 native speaking English professional translators who are always on-hand and online to provide high quality Professional English translation always on time and within your budget. 
We are among the largest English language translation providers that follow and comply with ISO 9001:2008 and EN15038 that ensures that all our translations will meet the local technology and legal standards and project specifications to guarantee the quality and accuracy.
Whatever the scope and subject matter of your English translation project you can rely on our professional English translators. Our team of native speaking linguists will serve your sophisticated translation needs and attend to whatever requirement you may have. You can expand your global reach.

What Sets our English Translations Apart from Our Competitors

We have a transparent per-word pricing so you can actually know for sure how much the translation of your document would cost. Our rates are not the lowest but the best for high quality so you can drive your business and thrive in new local markets at competitive prices.

With a team of over 100 linguists and the network of 1000+ native-speaking translators across all time zones we can meet your language translation needs virtually at any place in the world and with any volume. Considering the demand in translation we offer translation in various language pairs. The use of automated systems allows us to reduce the timing for project completion.

Fast ordering via online form or email and quick response. We are available 24/7. You can track the progress of the project implementation. The translation starts immediately upon confirmation of payment.

Customer Service
Our solutions are flexible and efficient for any project. The range of services allows us to diversify and tailor the workflows and handle projects of any size. For repeated and large volumes we have our 5% to 10% discounts. Having sufficient capacity we can cope with urgent translations for the same day delivery. The approach we use for project management and technology in work process ensure 100% client satisfaction.

Fast Turnaround
The capacity and resources available ensure the delivery of completed translation will be on time and without delays. In case of a large volume of work, e.g. over 200 documents, we involve five or more translators at the same time for the same project to accommodate the time frame set before us for a particular project. 

We Translate to English and from English

GLS provides professional and accurate translation from all European languages like German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish and other languages to English language. Likewise, we translate from all major Asian languages like Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, or Hebrew to English. To ensure the highest translation quality we cooperate with and assign the translation project to only native speaking bilingual linguists. Using the professional linguists with English as their native tongue ensures the translated document will have the highest accuracy without incidental linguistic errors. 

We translate a variety of business and technical documents, like user guides, product user manuals, contract agreements, financial reports, pharmaceutical studies, legal investigation reports, Word documents, PPT presentations, or PDF scan copies. Using the professional linguists specializing in translation of specific domain fields like economy, business, finance, medicine, technologies, science, and legislation, we offer high English translation accuracy. Please find below the language combinations we translate with English:

German to English Translation
French to English Translation
Spanish to English Translation
Portuguese to English Translation
Italian to English Translation


English Financial Translation

If you are looking for a professional English financial translation services you can stay with us and rest assured you will get a high quality translation product. Among other fields in finance, we translate for banking, FOREX, investment, stock market, insurance, corporate finance operations. GLS provides financial translation services from Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and Hebrew to English language. We have streamlined the translation process by integrating the cloud based and CAT aided management systems that allow us to interface with clients more efficiently. You can get the translation of financial documents to English and from English with consistency, speed, and at competitive price.

English Medical Translation

GLS provides professional English medical translation services for all kinds of medical treatment and healthcare needs, like pharmacy, medical devices user guides, prescriptions, surgical operations, MRI and CAT scans reports, and biotech materials. With a cutting-edge translation solutions we are able to provide accurate and technically precise English medical translation whatever the size of your project – large or small. As an international English medical translation company we serve private individuals and large corporate clients as well as leading health brands. We translate all types of medical documents for your treatment, healthcare and Medicare. It can be both for hospital patient and for clinical research.

English Legal Translation

When you go to a global marketplace you will have to deal with and handle various legal documents such as commercial proposals, contracts, agreements, privacy policies, patents, incorporation documents, certifications, insurance, may be even court proceedings reports or investigation reports. We translate different legal documentation from German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian or Russian to English. You can rest assured you will get the high quality English legal translation with GLS. So you don’t need to look any further as we have a large team of professional native-speaking English legal translators who specialize in translation of various legal documentation of international laws that ensures your legal documents will be translated with precision and accuracy. To make the translation of English legal documents with a professional touch we also cooperate with attorneys and paralegals who translate the content of legal documents taking into account all nuances and slangs pertaining to jurisdiction and law. 

English Technical Translation

Manufacturing and production companies and industrial projects trust Global Language Solution to provide the end-to-end solution to reach out to global clients with English technical translation. With our network of over 100 specialized and qualified linguists we have extensive experience in translating technical and scientific documents with highly-technical subject matter and terminology. GLS provides world-class and accurate English technical translation services, including the translation of reports, specifications, manuals, user guides, certificates, patents, and other types of documents.

Expert English Translator at your service

Over the last 20 years of working worldwide we have assembled a skillful and specialized team of English translators with extensive experience both in Britain and USA. Our translators combine their professional knowledge and background to successfully implement and deliver your specific project in way that will be gladly welcomed and accepted by your local and international markets.
The services we provide include the quality control check that is performed by our qualified and industry specific linguists knowing the subject matter and the particular industry. The proofreading and editing is done by independent experts at no extra cost or charge. We also offer proofreading and editing of translations made by a third party linguists or by another translation vendor.

English Document Translation

One of our primary services that we provide is the English document translation service. To ensure the accuracy and high quality we use the latest technologies that enable us to provide the translation of English documents at an unrivaled speed and accommodate any project size. The entire process of English document translation is backed up and powered by automated translation management system that streamlines the implementation of the project. We translate all types of documents, from mere text of email correspondence to medical reports to international engineering documents, in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or PDF. The way we communicate with you as a client and manage the translation of English documents makes both the cooperation and delivery of translated documents convenient and hassle free. If you have a scanned document that cannot be fine-read by standard software, we can convert the file into an editable format and translate it in whatever format you prefer. Every step that we take in translation of documents to English we try to make it as efficient and convenient to you as possible. GLS is your perfect solution for document translation in English.

How to Translate English Document

The process of translation of an English document requires specific procedure that includes the actual translation, proofreading or double-check, and editing or final polishing and fine tuning before publishing, as with translation of books. The GLS team reviews the overall quality of the translated English text and submits the proofread document for the final review to our quality control team who will be able to make all necessary amendments and changes if necessary.

American English Translation versus British English Translation

The English language has many dialects, particularly in the United Kingdom and in the United States of America. Since the dialects vary between each other not only in pronunciation but also in lexicology our English translation team can tailor your translations to the specific requirements of the intended audience or market. In countries where the English language is used as an official language, like in UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong, the spoken and written English can vary pretty much in regards to grammar and vocabulary. 
Among other dialects, there are at least two major dialects distinguished between American English and British English.

Our team of English translators can translate and adapt your text for a particular audience in whatever country the completed translation will be read and published. We can convert your translation into a Global English or International English to be well read by a broad and international audience.

We are able to provide reliable and high-quality translations in both British English and American English dialects among the American and British translation companies due to the availability of native English language speakers in the United States and the United Kingdom. No matter what kind of content you have for translation we have sufficient experience and resources - human and technical - to provide professional translation in your field.

How to find the Best English Translation Company in USA

GLS is a professional translation company that combines the power of a network of English in-house and freelance translators and subject matter experts with modern AI-aided technologies to provide the high quality and accuracy of English translation with high efficiency reinforced by computer aided software, translation memory, terminology management, and different subject related glossaries. We help our clients to stay ahead of the competition in the global markets due to the full range of English translation services. We are among the number one English translation companies in USA that provide its clients translation services with unrivaled quality.

English Translation Agency in UK

If you are looking for an English Translation Agency GLS is the right place and choice for your English translation needs. We provide any kind of English translations for all sectors of business, finance, legal, medical, or technical, using the professional native speaking English translators specifically selected for your project. As an international translation company, we provide services in any country and for any company thus meeting the requirements and specifications of each translation project. With a background in all business and industrial sectors, we translate documents for clients both from business and private sectors. GLS is an online international English translation agency with beneficial conditions offering translation services at best rates. We offer translations to English and from English to most of other languages. Our team of linguists has over 100 English native speaking translators at your disposal ready to take an assignment for translation of your documents. The proficiency and qualification we have offers great value for your money.

You can differentiate between English translation agency in UK and English translation company in USA. Mostly the companies providing translation services in the United Kingdom are called translation agencies. And the same companies doing the same business in the United States are called translation companies.