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Certificate Translation Services

We perfectly understand the importance and criticality of translation of your certificates. Whatever certificate or official document you need to translate we are here to help you translate and certify your documents in accordance with international and local standards and regulations. Whether you have to translate passport, birth or marriage certificate, diploma and transcripts, academic paper, bank statement or any other personal or corporate official document or certificate, we provide certified, sworn, notarized and legalized document translation that is accepted globally and in your target country.

Certificate translation services UK, USA, EU

Certificate Translators

Over 1000 Native-speaking certificate translators

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Translation of Certificates to over 50 languages

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Professional Qualification

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Quality Control

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Translation of Certificates

Are You Looking for Certificate Translation Services near you?

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GLS Translation Company is your one-stop solution for your certificate translations!

  • Competitive rates - from as low as 0.07 USD per source word

  • Fast turnaround time – from as quick as the same day delivery

  • Full Compliance with ISO 17100:2015 and EN 15038

  • Accurate translation with 24/7 customer service

  • PDF, Word, Excel, Power Point, AutoCAD, and more

  • Professional translators for your industry

  • Certificate Translation into over 50 world languages


GLS provides certificate translation services that help both individuals and companies succeed in the global marketplace.

Our quality assurance process for certificate translation complies with ISO 17100:2015 and EN 15038 standards.

We translate all types of certificates, including but not limited to: birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate, passport, name change certificate, driver license, permit to work, training certificate, graduation certificate, diploma, patent, ID documents, vaccination certificate, work experience documents, proof of evidence, honors, awards, baptisation certificate, assignment, delegation of authority, proof of address, and more!

Our qualified in-house and freelance translators and subject matter experts are native to the target language and have at least 6 years of proven translation experience.

The best-in-class management technology and industry-leading tools ensure efficiency and consistency throughout the entire translation process and guarantee the delivery of the accurate and high-quality translation product!

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Need to translate your document into several languages?

We have all resources, capacity, and tools to meet your needs, whatever language, urgency, sector, and volume!

We shall help you connect people and businesses as well as solve your personal or corporate issues!

Translation of Birth Certificate in the UK, USA, EU

Birth Certificate Translation

Translation of birth certificate. Birth certificate translation plays a crucial role in ensuring accurate communication and documentation across borders. Types of birth certificates that require translation include long-form, short-form, and multilingual versions. Industries such as immigration, education, healthcare, and legal services heavily rely on translated birth certificates for verification purposes. Benefits include streamlined processes for visa applications, academic enrollment, medical services access, and legal proceedings.

Translation of Marriage Certificate in the UK, USA, EU

Marriage Certificate Translation

Tramslation of marriage certificate. Marriage certificate translation is crucial for legal recognition of marriages across borders. Different types of marriage certificates, such as traditional, civil, or religious-based certificates, may require translation to ensure accurate understanding of the union. Industries like immigration services and international law depend on translated marriage certificates for processing applications and verifying marital status. Translated certificates facilitate communication between individuals and authorities, allowing for seamless integration into diverse societies.

Translation of Passport in the UK, USA, EU

Passport Translation

Translation of passport. Passport translation is crucial for global travel and immigration. It ensures that important personal information is accurately understood by authorities in foreign countries. Types of passports that may require translation include biometric, diplomatic, and emergency passports. Industries such as aviation, hospitality, and government sectors rely on translated passports for identification purposes. Benefits of translated passports include smoother immigration processes, increased security measures, and seamless communication between individuals and officials across borders.

Translation of Diploma in the UK, USA, EU

Diploma Translation

Translation of diploma. Diploma translation is essential for individuals seeking to further their education or pursue career opportunities in foreign countries. Types of diplomas that often require translation include academic, professional, and vocational certificates. Industries such as healthcare, engineering, and IT frequently utilize translated diplomas to evaluate qualifications of international candidates. The use of translated diplomas ensures accurate assessment of skills and credentials, leading to enhanced employability and academic recognition.

Translation of Divorce Certificate in the UK, USA, EU

Divorce Certificate Translation

Translation of divorce certificate. Divorce certificate translation is crucial for legal and official purposes. Types of divorce certificates that require translation include final decree of divorce, dissolution of marriage, and annulment papers. Industries such as law firms, immigration agencies, and government departments rely on translated divorce certificates to process applications accurately. The benefits of a translated divorce certificate include smooth communication, proper documentation, and avoidance of legal issues.

Translation of Vaccination Certificate in the UK, USA, EU

Vaccination Certificate Translation

Translation of vaccination certificate. Vaccination certificate translation is crucial for ensuring global health and safety. It allows individuals to easily access healthcare services, attend school or travel abroad without language barriers. Types of vaccination certificates that require translation include COVID-19 vaccination records, yellow fever certificates, and other immunization documents. Industries such as healthcare, education, and international travel heavily rely on translated vaccination certificates. The benefits include improved communication, compliance with regulations, and facilitating seamless cross-border movements.

Translation of Training Certificate in the UK, USA, EU

Training Certificate Translation

Translation of training certificate. Training certificate translation is crucial for individuals seeking opportunities in global markets. Types of training certificates that require translation include safety certifications, IT training diplomas, and professional development courses. Industries such as healthcare, technology, and finance rely on translated certificates to verify employee qualifications internationally. The use of translated training certificates ensures clear communication and facilitates access to job opportunities worldwide.

Translation of Certificate of Incorporation in the UK, USA, EU

Incorporation Certificate Translation

Translation of incorporation certificate. Incorporation certificate translation is essential for businesses operating globally, as it ensures legal compliance and facilitates smooth operations in foreign markets. Types of incorporation certificates that require translation include articles of incorporation, corporate bylaws, and certificate of formation. Industries such as finance, healthcare, and technology rely on these translated documents for regulatory purposes. The use and benefits of a translated incorporation certificate include gaining access to international markets and establishing credibility with local authorities.

Translate Your Certificate!

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Certificates Translators

Over 100 Native-speaking Certificate Translators ready for taking Your project in just minutes!

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Linguists and Experts qualified and experienced in Your specific field of expertise. 

Global Coverage

Clients from all over the world. Translation of Documents for all industries and businesses, from individuals to corporations.

Secure Transfer and Storage

Secure Transfer and Storage of your documents and private data in compliance with GDRP.

Quality Control

Quality Management in compliance with ISO and EN regulations. Double check by professional linguist and qualified expert.

Easy Payment Options

You can pay by Bank Transfer, PayPal, Debit and Credit cards.

Translation of Passport and ID Documents

Are you looking for professional translation of your passport or ID document? Look no further, as we specialize in certified translation of passports in the UK, USA, EU and beyond. Our team is experienced in translating all types of identification documents, including national and international passports, driver licenses, social security cards, vaccination passports, EU identification cards, temporary IDs and more. Whether you are applying for a job abroad, studying overseas or seeking legal documentation for immigration purposes, our accurate and reliable translation services can help ensure that your important personal information is understood correctly.

The translation of passports and ID documents serves a variety of purposes across different offices, departments and agencies. From government entities processing visa applications to educational institutions verifying identities of foreign students , having professionally translated documents can expedite processes while reducing the risk of errors or miscommunications. Businesses also benefit from our services when dealing with international partners or clients who require translated identification for transactions or contracts.

By utilizing our passport translation service for your business or personal needs , you gain access to numerous benefits and advantages such as increased efficiency in communication , compliance with regulations regarding document translations , assurance of accuracy and confidentiality throughout the process . Trust us to handle your passport translation needs with professionalism and expertise.

Translation of Passport and ID documents in the UK, USA, EU

Translation of Passport to English

Translation of identification documents to English

Help me with translation of Passport from English to German

I need translation of Passport from English to French

How to translate Passport from English to Spanish

Can you translate Passport from English to Portuguese

Do you translate Passport from English to Italian?

Can you help with translation of Passport to Dutch?

Do you provide translation of Passport to Danish?

How much is Passport translation to Norwegian?

What Passports do you translate from English to Swedish?

Where to get the translation of Passport to Finnish?

Can I get my Passport translation from English to Russian?

Do you provide translation of Passport in the UK?

Can I get the translation of my Passport in the USA?

How can I get the translation of Passport in the EU?

How much does the translation of Passport cost in New York?

Can I order for translation of Passport in London?

I need the translation of Passport in Berlin

Translation of Birth Certificate and Birth Record

Are you in need of a certified translation of your birth certificate? Look no further! Our professional team specializes in translating all types and formats of birth certificates, birth records, birth witnessing certificates, and notary to the birth certificate. With our expertise in translation services for the UK, USA, EU, we guarantee accurate and reliable translation of Birth Certificate and Birth Record that meet the standards required by offices, departments, agencies, and other official bodies.

The translation of a birth certificate is essential for various purposes such as legal documentation, employment applications, educational qualifications verification, citizenship processes, business incorporation requirements and immigration procedures. Having a translated version of your birth certificate can simplify these processes significantly and ensure that your documents are accepted without any delays or complications.

By utilizing our service of Birth Certificate translation, you can enjoy numerous benefits and advantages. Our expert translators ensure that every detail on your document is accurately translated while maintaining confidentiality and professionalism throughout the process. Whether you require a translation for personal or official reasons , let us assist you with your legal needs to help streamline your application processes smoothly. Trust us to deliver high-quality translations for all your requirements related to Birth Certificate translations.

Translation of Birth Certificate and Birth Record in the UK, USA, EU

Translation of Birth Certificate to English

Translation of Birth Certificate from English to German

I need translation of Birth Certificate from English to French

Help me with translation of Birth Certificte English to Spanish

Translation of Marriage Certificate and Marriage Record

Are you in need of a certified translation of your Marriage Certificate in the UK, USA, or EU? Look no further! Our team specializes in translating all types and formats of marriage documents, including marriage records, witnessing statements, contracts, agreements, and notarized certificates. Whether you require this service for legal purposes, employment verification, educational requirements or immigration processes - we have got you covered. The translation of a Marriage Certificate plays a crucial role in various offices, departments, agencies and bodies that require official documentation to be presented accurately and professionally.

By utilizing our service of Marriage Certificate translation, you can benefit from the precision and accuracy that comes with having experienced translators handle your sensitive documents. Many individuals seek out translations for citizenship applications or incorporation procedures where having a reliable translation is essential. Additionally, employers often request translated copies of marriage certificates as part of their hiring process for international candidates. Embracing our services ultimately saves time and ensures compliance with regulations by providing meticulous translations that meet your specific requirements – whether it be legal matters or personal endeavors related to relationships or family ties. Trust us to deliver exceptional results every time!

Translation of Marriage Certificates and Marriage Record in the UK, USA, EU

Translation of Marriage Certificate to Englisdh

Translation of Marriage Certificate from English to German

I need translation of Marriage Certificate from English to French

Help me with Marriage Certificate translation English to Spanish

Translation of Diploma and Academic Transcript

Are you a student or professional looking to further your education or career abroad? Look no further than our expert translation of diplomas and academic transcripts. We understand the importance of having accurate and professionally translated documents when applying to universities, obtaining visas, or seeking employment in foreign countries. Our team of experienced linguists specializes in translating diplomas and academic transcripts from various educational systems into English for use in the UK, USA, and EU.

When it comes to the translation of diploma and academic transcript, accuracy is paramount. Our translators meticulously ensure that all details such as course titles, grades, credit hours, and dates are accurately reflected in the final document. We adhere to strict quality control measures to guarantee that your translated diploma and academic transcript meet the standards required by universities, immigration authorities, or potential employers.
Whether you studied at a prestigious university overseas or completed your education in a non-English speaking country, we can assist you with translating your diploma and transcript into English. Our skilled translators have expertise in a wide range of disciplines including science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), humanities, business administration – ensuring that your documents are translated with precision regardless of the subject matter.
We take pride in offering timely delivery of translations without compromising on quality. With our fast turnaround times and competitive rates for translation services tailored specifically for diplomas and academic transcripts, you can trust us to help you achieve your international education or career goals seamlessly. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you with translating your diploma and academic transcripts.

Translation of Diploma and Academic Transcript in the UK, USA, EU

Translation of Diploma and academic transcript to Englisdh

Translation of Diploma from English to German

I need translation of Diploma from English to French

Help me with Diploma translation English to Spanish

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