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Research Survey Translation Services

We help you localize your multilingual surveys into all major world languages by translating your researches, polls, interviews, and feedbacks from customers, employees, trainees, or any other specific community or group of people by professional native speaking linguists.

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Over 1000 Native-speaking survey translators

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Translation of Survey Documents to over 50 languages

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Professional Qualification

We are Experts in translation of survey

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Quality Control

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Translation of Research Surveys

Looking for Market Research Survey translations? Need the translation of Research for getting the feedback on customer satisfaction or product performance? Do you have to translate the survey for assessment of employee’s engagement or for evaluating the changes in people’s opinions and attitudes?


Our goal is to help individuals and companies to make successful and timely researches and wisely use their insightful data for targeting global markets, reaching the broader audience, and getting the desired response from different groups of people.

We pave the way for easy communication between researchers and respondents by ensuring the right comprehension of survey by the questioned audience. We help you collect the valuable consumer data locally and internationally, gain information from a predefined group of respondents for making important decisions and developing the respective response to the people’s needs and demands.

Our assistance of researchers and businesses in surveys and researches consists in translation of questionnaires, polls, checklists and different forms for filling-in for collecting critical and valuable information from clients, consumers, employees, stakeholders, and participants, for understanding the public opinion, getting the knowledge of market fluctuations, and for making the right decisions that would favor the specific community, subordinates, or customers, that would in turn drive business and contribute to successful integration of new methods and techniques.

To ensure the respondents perfectly understand your questions and give accurate answers we use native speakers with years of experience specializing in translation of surveys and researches.


Online Survey

Market Research Survey

Engineering Survey

Customer Observations


Land Survey

Mining Survey

Hydrographic Survey

Geodetic Survey

Aerial Survey

Topographic Survey

Product Development Survey

Performance Survey

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Job Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Training Evaluation Survey

Event Evaluation Survey

Lead Generation Survey

Social Research

Statistical Survey

Official Statistics



Translation of online surveys

Online Survey Translation

To collect the data from targeted respondents on their opinions and feedbacks you may run a web survey utilizing online forms or questionnaires, checklists, or spreadsheets to be filled out and provided for statistical overview and analysis. When final survey is done and all inputs, views, and experience from users, employees or customers are gathered the decision shall be made as to how to make further steps and make respective decisions in terms of company development, technology integration or project implementation. We translate all types of online surveys that help you improve your business environment and key performance indicators.

Document translation of interviews

Interview Translation

Whether you run a one-on-one conversation with another person and ask him individual questions about his professional background, work experience.. with the aim to make an assessment and make the more accurate judgement of the person as a candidate to select him for enrollment or employment and if he is suitable for job or training, or if you are interviewing the interviewee for obtaining his opinion, making research, and collection of data on a certain event, phenomenon, or subject, you will need the translation of an interview, the service we provide for all of your surveys.

Document translation of market researches

Market Research Translation

When you are going to check the consumers’ demands, determine the if the product or service is viable, find out how your competitors’ operate, check the current market trends, when you need to gather data about companies or a certain group of people to evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of methods of business development, marketing programs, acceptability of the product, you will have to conduct a marketing research that will help you make critical business decisions, accomplish your personal and your company’s objectives, identify opportunities, reduce risks, and stay on top of trend with your brand. We can help you achieve your business goals with our translation of market researches.

Document translation of engineering survey

Engineering Survey Translation

Whatever your need to design, develop, locate, install, build, operate, or maintain, within the scope of industrial project, you will have to make first some kind of engineering surveys for getting the geospatial information, determining the exact position of civil construction objects and structures, project facilities, and equipment, land boundaries,  with elevations and topographic location. We provide translation of all types of engineering surveys, including land surveys, topographic surveys, and cadastral surveys.

Document translation of land survey

Land Survey Translation

If you have a land or are planning to build something or manage a large industrial project you will have to deal with land surveying for determining the terrestrial positions of land’s boundaries, lines, corners, and monuments with detailed measurement of distances and dimensions, features, easements, and encroachments. It maps the exact location of property with graphic layout of objects with landmarks, stakes, and reference points. We translate land surveys for your needs to collect data for civil engineering and construction projects.

Document translation of geodetic surveys

Geodetic Survey Translation

Prior to construction, when civil works are performed, it is absolutely necessary to conduct geodetic surveys to determine the size and shape of the area to be used for construction or development project, set the relative position of points on the surface of the earth for accurately measuring the allocated area, considering the curvature of the land surface line for orientation in space and precise positioning of objects. We help you translate geodetic survey documents related to engineering surveys, civil works, construction, and cultivation.

Document translation of social research

Social Research Translation

To prevent from social decadence and provide for better social environment and sentiment it is quite necessary to conduct different social researches by social scientists and researchers. In order to ensure the growth and development of society you have to learn about what people think and feel and what products they purchase and consume and what services they use. You have to monitor the trends and dynamics, communication patterns and concepts commonly used by majority of people. The social research helps to make a close contact with people, get a greater objectivity, gain more knowledge about social situation, perform a thorough study of various social problems, get an insight for administration in regards to creating the respective policies, explore opportunities for social change or development, by collecting opinions and facts. And we help you with translation of documents on social researches and analysis.

Document translation of statistical survey

Statistical Survey Translation

To monitor the social behavior of people, their attitudes, demand for goods, services, and production, to see the trends and tendencies, to make forecasts about the economic and social processes, to track changes in the development of technologies and scientific achievements, to see how quick people are learning,  and to get an information on how the current situation or conditions affect the particular society, it is necessary to conduct the statistical surveys. We provide the translation of statistical surveys for collecting the required data through sampling, mail survey, polls,  telephone survey, in-person survey, or performing the focus-group survey.

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Need to translate your survey into multiple languages?

Take the next step and submit your survey document to us for our evaluation and translation!

Professional translation of surveys and market researches for marketing, education, and employment

We provide expert translation of all forms and types of research surveys, from mere questionnaire and polls to interviews and multi-stage surveys. You can rely on our survey translations as we contract and employ professional linguists qualified in translation of education, market, and business research surveys for getting the customers’ feedback on product performance, employees’ feedback on job satisfaction, and polls on product sales and international demands. With our survey translation services, you will be able to stay several steps ahead of competitors and engage global audience.

We translate surveys for your specific audience

If you are looking for a company that would be able to translate your specific research surveys, including customer satisfaction surveys or employees’ feedback to check for engagement, and localize it for the audience of your respondents, you can rely on our subject matter experts who translate all kinds of surveys into your language and into the language of your target market.

Translated Survey in the language of your customer helps you grow your business

By providing the translation of various kinds of research surveys into the languages of international customers and selected groups of people and target audiences we help you to learn the opinions of certain communities, their attitudes, to know market trends and tendencies and give the opportunity for the surveyed to share their valuable insights on your business activity, quality of works and services, product performance, business relations, production results, and market changes.

Translation of Polls and Interviews for getting the insights of products and services

In order to succeed on a global scene you have to know exactly the needs and demands of people of the interested country that speaks in a foreign language. This is where you have to develop your survey for questioning the selected category of people - your potential buyers of your products and services - by making polls or interviews among international customers. Regular surveys will show you a broad and clear picture of how and where to grow and develop and will give you a perfect tool for continuous improvement in areas of weaker points. According to the best business practices, the conveying of surveys and their translation into multiple languages is a good sign of a professional attitude to business and care for its development that will certainly affect the company’s growth of revenue.

How the translation of Feedback Surveys helps improve your teaching skills

To ensure your training courses are sufficient for your students and that the curriculum of the classes you provide gives all the necessary knowledge to the attendees and the educative material you represent to knowledge seekers is satisfactory to the trainees you have to run a test check in the form of a checklist or questionnaire that would be filled in by whom you teach or train.

Can the Employee Satisfaction Survey contribute to respondents’ work efficiency?

To make sure your multinational employees are satisfied with how they are treated at work, if they are happy with their payrolls - all that and more - you can learn by asking your employees the respective questions on how well they feel at work and if the job duties they fulfill are in line with what they are qualified and able to do.

Trust Your Research Surveys to our document translation services!

Naturally, the rapid development of digital marketing and ecommerce makes it necessary to conduct researches and polls on a global scale, and convey surveys that will revealed the true state of things in terms of people’s opinions attitudes, and demands. Our company can help you with translation of multilingual surveys that include the translation of questions addressed to the interviewed public, translation of collected data and filled-in information. Just contact us today and see how we shall be able to assist you in raising the satisfaction of your customers, employees, and students!

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