Translation Services

Translation Services. Any format - PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, PPT, and more!

Translation of text from English to over 20 major world languages. 

Translation in different business and industrial sectors.

Document Translation

Document Translation

We translate all kinds of documents - Manuals, Reports, Presentations, Certificates, Correspondence, Books, Essays, and much more!

Most of the documents are created and written in MS Word format. Whether you draw up an agreement or make a financial statement or issue medical report, you will have to use Word file. We translate Word documents in large volumes for varios international communications.

Website Translation

We translate all types of websites with different content - Informative, Advertising, Regulating, Prescribing, Describing, and a lot more!

Video Translation

Video Translation

We translate all Videos - TV shows, YouTube videos, Commercials, Training, Private videos, and more!

Copywriting Service


We copywrite texts for SEO, Websites, Magazines, Blogs, Presentations, Shows, Videos, and more! All text are 100% unique and written by professional copywriters!



Businss Translation

Business Translation

Business Translation is one of the most sought after and demanded. Due to the global change in economies and in the world business distribution the translation of business documents is our primary task on the agenda.

Technical Translation

Technical Translation

Technical Translation represents a large scope and volume of documents to be translated. This area encompasses many other sectors like Engineering, IT, Construction, Production, Manufacturing and Science.

Legal Translation

Legal Translation

Legal Translation always accompanies any business or any international projects as any transactions and deals and cooperation should be confirmed and guaranteed by legal documents.

Medical Translation

Medical Translation

Medical Translation is as important as any other field as it concerns the health of people who live, work and communicate. Translation of medical documents is demanded every day in the form of reports, prescriptions or descriptions.

Translation of Documents in Word, Excel, PDF, PPT, and more formats!

Document Translation is the Service mostly searched for on the internet. From mere text in a txt format to a sophisticated document in InDesign, QuarkXPress with complex layoutting and formatting, we translate documents in over 20 international languages, including but not limited to English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese.


We have translators qualified and experienced in translation of documents in your specific sector and on your particular subject, from just Sports and Arts, to Oil and Gas, Engineering, and Science.

We get the files in any format, but the Clients send us their files mostly in PDF as it is the easiest format where you can compress any text or picture and make the file weigh a lot less then the original. Besides it is good to use PDF for quick look at the document and the its content.

Translation Services is what you will always need in communication and business transactions with foreign customer or partner. If you are looking for translation services near me, GLS is just the company that will meet your needs and provide Document Translation Services. We also provide certified translation services for your legal requirements. If you need just one translation service just let us know. Professional Translation Services is what you need the most. Among other services we also provide Spanish translations services and legal translations servces.


But the translation itself is preferrable to be done in an editable format, like MS Word, Excel, Power Point, or any other formats where the translator can simply and easily edit or change the text, move pictures, adapt the layoutting for the new translation in the target language.

We translate all kinds of documents, from memorandums and reports to manuals for critical equipment and patents of new inventions, prosecution papers, scientific documents and description of up-to-date technologies.

Document Translation Service

Website Translation Services

Translation of Websites to any foreign language

Website Translation is no less demanded than the Document Translation. Whether you have a small webpage or a single-page website or an article in your Blog, or a large website consisting of thousands of pages, we can translate it for you to your required language.

Normally we translate the website text in a file submitted in any editable format. It can be text file or word file. However, if you don't have such a file with the text subject to translation, we can copy your text from your website to any editable file for your convenience and translate the website content in that file. In case we have to copy the text into our file for further translation you have to let us know what page and what exactly the text on that page that you need to translate. In order to avoid misunderstanding or prevent from missing the critical text it would be preferrable for the Client to send either the text for translation or the detailed instruction as to what should be translated and what not.


We also can translate the text in the CMS and CRM of your website. But then you will have to provide us with some login and password to edit your website content. This is possible but not recommended.


Of course, the scope of sectors that we cover is unrestricted. Whether your website is about your small shop or online store, or if the website introduces a big company, we can handle it, whatever the size and subject matter.

Website Translation Service

Video Translation Services

Translation of Videos with Voice Over and Subtitling

Video Translation is one of our prioritized services that we provide in the form of Voice Over, Dubbing, Subtitling, Captioining, Typesetting, Transcription, and Script Translation.

To translate your video or make your video sound in another foreign language, we have to make a few operations. First, we need to translate the spoken words. You should have a text or script available. If you don't have one we shall have to typeset the words in a text document and forward it to the assigned translator.


If you need just to know what the video was about and what people spoke there the typesetting and translation would suffice. But if you want to make your video sound in another language in the same way it sounds in the original, we will have to do a little more. After the script is created or provided and the text is translated into the required language, next we will have to find the respective native-speaking person with the voice similar to the original speaker. The person chosen for voice over should be of the same gender as that of the original speaker. The service of making the video sound in another language is actually distinguished between two service - voice over and dubbing.


Dubbing is a simultaneous intepreting whereas Voice Over is just putting the second voice of an interpreter over the original one. In case with the Voice Over service the original voice is still heard and may not be totally overlapped but in Dubbing the original voice is mute and only the voice of an interpreter is heard. Besides, in Dubbing the interpreters voice should match and follow the mimics and motions of the video speaker like a twin. In both Voice Over and Dubbing the text should be translated and ready for interpreter-speaker.


Subtitling is the service mostly saught for videos to be shown to hard-of-hearing people or when the voice is not required. 

In order to do the subtitling the text or script should be available and/or translated.

Video Translation Service

Copywriting Services

Writing of texts for SEO, Marketing, Websites, Blogs, Magazines, Videos

Copywriting services is widely used and demanded across the world, in all mass media! In order to get public attention and capture it you will need the services of Copywriter. Writing of texts or Copywriting is what makes a day today in a marketing world. All the slogans, advertising speeches, marketing publications, they all are written by people whose natural gift is to write, and make the mediocre stand out as superfluous and creative.

SEO Copywriting is number one service that is demanded by those promoting their website or blog or YouTube video online. There are millions of texts written using automated text writing software but the most valuable texts are those written by professional Copywriter. The more critical and public information the more professional and human touch should be given to the text. When you need the Search Engine Optimization for your website you have to generate either automatically or manuall the texts describing your business or your personal preferences. In order to be seen and known by a larger public or by millions of people you have to write as many texts about your products and services as possible. And this is where the copywriting is a must.

Marketing Copywriting is necessary for your product or service promotion both online and offline. If you have something for sale or for commerce the writing of marketing text is really necessary. Not just a bunch of words but the well structured and skillfully compiled text containing the describing part and the inducing and convincing part moving to action.


Advertising Copywriting is actually the same as any of the above services. If you have something to share with the world or something to sell or just pormote you have to write the attractive text for pleasing the potential reader or client.

Copywriting Services