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Translation of Articles for Magazines, Journals, Newspapers, and Blogs

Are You looking for translation of your articles for a newspaper, magazine, journal or blog? Is your subject uncommon for a regular reader? Do you publish your articles regularly? Are your articles published daily, weekly, or monthly? If you need to translate your article or periodicals released on a fixed schedule we are here to help you with translation of the updated information on the current events, discussion of the latest trends, display of products and services, scientific researches and emerging theories, views, or opinions. 

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Professional Qualification

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Quality Control

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Translation of Magazines, Journals, Newspapers, and Blogs

Are You looking for professional and fast translation of articles published on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for a magazine, journal, newspaper, or a blog? Is your article about uncommon and specific subject matter? Do you need to translate more than one article at a time? Are you trying to find a professional translator who can translate your periodicals on a regular basis for a fair price and within short timeframe to accommodate your schedule?

Translation of articles representing news, advertisements, current and updated information on facts, events, incidents and sensations in the world of public relations, politics, culture, science, society, sports, healthcare, psychology, technology, engineering, is very much essential for mass media and for fostering global communications. With ever-expanding digital landscape, the demand for translation of periodicals has become even more crucial. It is very much necessary for translation to captivate reader by conveying the source text effectively and engagingly. 

To translate an article for a specific domain the translator should have not only the skills in a certain language but also a deep understanding of the preferences and cultural or social nuances of the target audience to sound authentic and native. When translating periodicals, we assign the projects to a dedicated team of translators who artfully and skillfully play with complex terminologies and idiomatic expressions and maintain clarity of the original content without compromising on quality, style and intent.

Where linguistic barriers arise and pose significant challenges and you need to reach an international audience with your daily or weekly articles our qualified translators with profound knowledge of languages and expertise in technical fields step forward and act as an indispensable asset for you as a publisher and for your readers.

Whatever the content, meaning, and purpose of the message in the article, our language professional specializing in translation for mass media help people form different backgrounds to share their knowledge and ideas across the borders. Whether you have a breaking news story or are featuring an international event, or have a thought-provoking material, we contribute to making your information accessible worldwide in whatever format and style you need.

Translation of academic journals
Translation of scholarly journals
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Translation of popular magazines
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Translation of daily newspapers
Translation of weekly newsletters
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Academic Journals
Scholarly Journals
Popular Magazines
General Interest Magazines
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Translation of magazines

Magazine Translation

Translation of magazines containing articles and photographs and published every day, week, or month. We provide editorial translation of literary, technical, and scientific texts intended for publication by the local publishing house. We help you reach your audience and general public by translating articles for your magazine. Along with translation our team provides localization of magazines in the form of adaptation of an article content to the local culture preferences, mental features, psychology, and social status. Magazines are also called periodicals which are issued, printed and digitally published on a regular basis. The variety of texts we translate are: articles, stories, poems, essays, reviews, fiction, artwork.

Translation of journals

Journal Translation

Translation of journals with a collection of articles published regularly during the year. There are different types of journals that we translate. Some have current information and news, some are devoted to scientific, technical, and medical researches. We translate journal articles with detailed technical reports and analytics, samples of methodologies and results of laboratory research, case studies, clinical trials, program evaluation, product assessment, business and technical reports, and any other types of research studies. We provide translation of articles for scientific, scholarly and academic journals with data, reports and review of analysis, studies, and researches. 

Translation of newspapers

Newspaper Translation

Translation of newspapers with written information about current events, news, updates, views, and features. We translate all kinds of regularly printed documents consisting of breaking news, live coverage, investigations, detailed analysis, news reports, opinions, editorials, top stories, advertising, articles, photographs, and videos. There is a dedicated team of media linguists who provide translation of newspapers on different subject and for various sectors, like sports, politics, entertainment. Translation of newspapers is performed whenever the media is published – daily, weekly, or monthly!

Translation of newsletters

Newsletter Translation

Translation of newsletters in the printed or electronic form, containing reports, news and updates concerning the activities of a business or organization sent out to members, subscribers, or any other interested persons. We provide the translation of newsletters used by companies to share valuable information and engaging content with their network of customers and prospects, promote sales, drive traffic to your websites and grow brand awareness. We translate announcements about recent or forthcoming activities and events, most popular and interesting stories from politics, world news, opinions, updates on the latest products and services

Translation of interviews

Interviews Translation

Translation of interviews with structured conversation between an interviewer and an interviewee in the form of asking questions and provision of answers. Translation of job and media interviews on an individual and group bases. We translate conversations or scripts of spoken texts in a meeting with a person or group of individuals where someone answers questions about himself or herself or their business or about events for a newspaper article, journal, magazine, or television show. We provide translation of exclusive interviews with journalists or famous person, or other media members for publicity purpose, public relations or broadcasting. We translate job interviews that help an employer to make a detailed assessment and more accurate judgement of the job candidate or applicant’s skills, their experience and personality, and if they can meet the job’s requirements. 

Translation of topical articles

Topical Translation

Translation of topical news stories and updates about politics, business, arts, sports, culture, health and safety, science and engineering, information technology, medicine and pharmacy, international breaking news and current affairs. We provide translation of the media coverage of a wide range of domains, including the brief news, investigations and in-depth reporting on the local, regional and latest world news, current and scheduled events. Among other things we translate RSS feeds and news digest on accident reports, police and emergency responses, criminal and court proceeding, from short articles to radio program bulletins to YouTube video channels to TV shows. By translating all kinds of social media and online newspaper articles from across the globe we ensure your readers are up to date with any breaking news developments, whatever the broadcasting location. 

Translation of commentaries

Commentary Translation

Translation of commentaries on the article, book, event, news, or somebody else’s experience and achievements. We provide the translation of social commentary, spoken description of an event broadcast on radio or television. We translate comments, criticism, critique, explanatory treatise or essay, annotations, narration, analysis, observation, discussions, remarks, exposition, explication, review, opinions. Translation of commentary of well-known journalists on political events and developments, scientific researches in health sector, defense, security, international affairs, and historical events. Translation of news articles followed by a commentary.


Analytics Translation

Translation of data analytics for discovering, interpreting, and sharing new insights and knowledge. We translate all types of data analytics: predictive, prescriptive, diagnostic and descriptive. We assist you in tracking customer’s behavior towards products and services. Translation of analytics that helps to identify sales patterns based on customer buying patterns, forecast levels of stock, and predict the revenue from sales at the end of each month, quarter, or year. We translate data analytics that can also help organizations and companies to identify opportunities to streamline operations, anticipate client needs, enhance product offering, increase sales, increase market share, reduce costs, boost revenue growth, maximize profits, and make other business improvements.

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Translation of Magazine Articles

Are you looking for a professional or an agency which is specializing in translation of online or printed magazines or any kind of content that is disseminated to the masses? Do you need to translate catalogs or brochures or any other respective medium to communicate your ideas and market your products? Are you browsing for a translator who can highlight in the way your personal or company’s achievements and communicate with the audience you prefer in their language?

We are definitely the best solution for translation of your endless and numerous articles for your magazine on a daily or weekly basis as well as for translation of your product catalogs to your client’s or readers’ language. You can be absolutely confident in our credentials and capacities to handle the translation of your publications in every language and on every subject. Our dedicated team can easily tackle your magazine in regards to translation and formatting according to your individual or brand requirements.

Commonly the content of an article is not presented in the form of the written word only. Normally, it is combined with catchy photographs to attract attention of the reader. Since the article in a magazine serves mainly to effectively highlight either the news or company’s products and services through brilliant articles and bright images, an accurate and culturally sensitive translation of magazines will bring more readers and clients. When people, companies, brands, or state agencies publish the information and some valuable and interesting material about history, services, products, management, or latest news, translation of magazines is a great tool to market your products, advertise your services, make people aware of your brand, and make known to public some outstanding events.

Magazines can have articles on technical subjects – stories about industrial projects, equipment or devices – that require technical proficiency or engineering background. So, if you need the translation of an article for your magazine on some technical solution, we offer our technical document translation service just for that. We can translate your unique article in a magazine that would finely showcase your latest products. Surely, the translation of your magazine will reach millions of people across the globe!

Magazines, if published regularly are actually periodicals that may need translation rather frequently, if they are coming out on a weekly or monthly basis. With our magazine translation services you will gain a success in growing your readership and making your articles and magazine increasingly popular.

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