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  • Need Professional Translation of Your document, website, or video?

  • Looking for Cost Effective Solution (High Quality for decent price)?

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How Does It Work?

How to submit my document, website, video?

1. If you have a document for translation, you can submit it using our online form or via email ( If you have multiple files for translation you can easily add them in the form. 2. If you have a website for translation you can send us the link to your website in the comments box with comments and description of your project. You can also do the same via email ( In the email mesaage you can describe all the details of the project. 3. If you have a video for translation (captioning, subtitling, voice over, dubbing) you can submit your video file via the online form or send the link to your video in the comments box. However, it would be more comfortable to send the video via Dropbox or via similar online third party resources or send the link with detailed description of your project to our email ( 4. If you have a request for copywriting, you are welcome to send your request either via our online form or via email ( with a detailed description of your project.

How Many Files Can I Upload to the Online Form?

  • You can upload as many files as you want and need for your translation project!
  • You can Browse the file(s) by pressing the Upload button or Drag and Drop by placing them in the File Upload area.
  • You can also send your files via email ( or via Dropbox or any other online file sharing websites like Wetransfer.

How Fast Will I Get the Price Quote / Translation?

  • Once you've submitted your file(s) it will be reviewed by our translation management team for making sure we have available profesisonal translators for your project.
  • After the review we shall estimate the cost based on how much resources (man power and work force) we shall use for your project.
  • If you agree the final price we shall send you the link for payment for translation.
  • Once the payment is made we shall proceed with translation immediately!

What is the lowest price for my project?

  • Our rates are one of the lowest in the market!
  • We can not make it very cheap because we employ qualified and experienced translators who deliver the best quality possible!
  • Our rates start from 0.06 USD per source word.
  • Our normal rate for technical, legal, medical translations is 0.08USD per source word.
  • However the total price may vary depending on the subject matter, urgency of the project, language combination, and the word count.
  • For large and recurrent projects we aply our 5% to 10% discounts.
To learn how much your translation project would cost please send your files for our review, cost estimte, and you will get detailed description of the price formation.