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GLS provides document translation services that help both individuals and companies succeed in the global marketplace.

Our quality assurance process for document translation complies with ISO 17100:2015 and EN 15038 standards.

We translate all types of documents, including but not limited to: technical manuals, contracts, medical records, booklets, marketing brochures, educational materials, financial reports, certificates, incorporation documents.

Our qualified in-house and freelance translators and subject matter experts are native to the target language and have at least 6 years of proven translation experience.

The best-in-class management technology and industry-leading tools ensure efficiency and consistency throughout the entire translation process and guarantee the delivery of the accurate and high-quality translation product!

Word Documents

Most of the documents are created and written in MS Word format. Whether you draw up an agreement or make a financial statement or issue medical report, you will have to use Word file. We translate Word documents in large volumes for varios international communications.

User Manuals

Any manufacturer of equipment or supplier of a product or service should have an operation and maintenance manual translated into the languges of their target market. We provide the translation of user manuals or user guides on how to operate and use the device or equipment.


Presentation is one of the key elements in marketing, SEO, branding, and promotion. You describe your product and service in the best way possible in the language of the end user or buyer. The translation of presentations is an art of transmitting the core information and enticing the reader and listener. Translate your presentation with us!


Contracts and Agreements is what accompanies any business or international relations. Two or more parties bind themselves by obligations for providing services or supplying goods. If you need the translation of a contract you are welcome to trust it to our company.

PDF Documents

A lot of documents are scanned and saved in PDF or made in MS Word and then converted into PDF. This format is convenient for storage and transfer of documents.

We translate PDF Documents and save it in your desired target format.


Most of periodicals are news which are regularly updated. It can be both Magazines, Newspapers, Blogs or any other mass media. The volume of such information is enormous.

We translate media documents in any format and into over 20 languages.


Multitude of documents in MS Word, Excel and Power Point are subject to translation. It can be a small document or a large file having more than 100 000 words.

We manage the translation of large documents whatever the volume and scope.


Legal documents and Certificates are among the first documents to be translated. Some of the translations need to stamped and signed.

We translate Certificates and also provide Certified translation services.

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Quality Management in compliance with ISO and EN regulations. Double check by professional linguist and qualified expert.

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Translation of MS Word document is the most demanded and required in comparison to other formats. Word format is well adapted to common text writing. It has all professional features for making the text look unique and special. All the official documents are made in MS Word - from Memos to Contracts and Certificates. Every new version of Word has better updated tools that makes the writing and translation work easier. Besides, due to the convenience of this particular format the large part of translations is made in Microsoft Word.

You can make an online request for Document Translation services by submitting your documents for our review, cost estimate and translation.

Document Translations in Excel

Translation of MS Excel document is not frequently looked for unless you need the translation of some table, matrix, list, or exhibit. Excel file is very useful when it needs to make a list of goods or services or just to make a description of items for sale. Also it can be used for presentation where the enumeration of equipment or actions is required. If you need to translate an excel document just submit your file via online form or email or using third party file transfer websites like Dropbox or Wetransfer or by using an FTP.

Document Translation in Power Point

The MS Power Point format is not so much used as, let's say, Word format. However, nearly all presentations are made in this format. This format has all necessary and convenient and useful feautures and tools to create a stunning and intuitive visual aid, guiding text or a nice presentation. You can also use the plugins that will allow you to embed video or insert the external hyperlinks. So, since the PPT format is widely used in business training and conferences for sharing the valuable information or for giving instructions nearly thirty per cents of all documents are translated in Power Point format.

AutoCAD Drawing Translation

Drawings is one of the major element in industrial or business projects where the design of something is requried. By and large it can be used in the construction project, but it can also be found in manufacturing, development, engineering, and training. Most of the drawings are in AutoCAD format as this is the professional format having all required features for modelling, scetching, 3D visualisation and more. Drawings are not the number one type of documents that need translation. But when it comes to construction or designing of buidling, vehicle or equipment all the drawings might need to be translated in the same format into another language. Of course, it depends on whether the project is international or local. If the construction involves foreign vendors or contractors the translation of drawing may be necessary.

JPG Picture Translation

Image translation is only required or requested when the JPG picture has an image with text or characters to be translated. Since the image file is not editable except for when it is in Photoshop format, the text in the image file is translated in MS Word file with reference to the image file. So if you have such images with text you may submit the file for our review. If the text is small we shall just apply our minimum cost charge rate to the translation of the embedded text which equals to 70 Euros.

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