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Translation of Legal document in any format - PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, PPT.

Legal Translation of document from English to over 20 other languages. 

Legal Translations in different business and industrial sectors.

Report Translation

Legal Report Translation

Reports on different proceedings, investigations, studies, interviews, researches, comprise the big portion of all legal documents. The reports show how well or bad the process is going and how far it has progressed. We translate legal reports for all issues whatever the case.

Regulation translation

Regulation and Specification Translation

All and any industrial or business projects or any public activity and even our everyday life is regulated by certain rules, codes, norms, or specifications. Depending on the level of business relations the rules applied may differ. If it is a local project the local regulations will do. But if it is an international project the international codes and laws will apply.

Ensurance Translation

Insurance and Warranty Translation

Any real estate, property, equipment, vehicles, airplanes, factories, businesses should be ensured. The necessity of ensurance makes it indispensable in our everyday life and subject to translation especially if it is about international industrial project. We translate all kinds of ensurance documents and all other associated materials.

Passport Translation

Passport and Certificate Translation

Legal documents and Certificates are among the first documents to be translated. Some of the translations need to be stamped and signed.

We translate Certificates, Passports, and Warranties, and also provide Certified translation services.

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Legal Document Translation

Legal Translations into Your target language

Legal Sector is no less important than Technical or Business or Medical sectors. Legal matters are present in any kind of business in the form of contracts or any sort of resolutions or guidelines or rules. Any company dealing in goods and services for selling them overseas is definitely facing legal affairs. From certification and ensurance to legal proceedings is what legal entities and individuals are encountering in everyday life.

We are all governed by and guided by certain codes and standards, from social communication to production and manufaturing to selling and marketing. Common rules allow us to be in a safe place in interaction with counterparts in the soceity and the environment we are in. Different laws draw us a path to follow and be in boundaries and limits that would ensure the unified and equal access to things and benefits and guarantee the safety and security of our lives and health and business.

Laws are changing very frequent now in terms of political instability towards more restrictions and limitations. So, even if you are not a trouble-maker you may still be caught to some extent by at least one or two legislations or prohibitions that did not exist before but now may cause you some trouble. 

Legal Translation is one of our main services we provide. When you are looking for legal translations services you may request for a free test translation of the first 300 words. GLS provides legal translation services at best market price. If you need the translation of your documentation you may request for legal document translation. We offer legal services translation in over 20 languages. Also we provide legal translation dubai and dutch legal translation.

With the ever changing world and laws the need in communicating and resolving the legal issues has grown exponentially. All the contracts, if you work or partner with a foreign party, have to be translated into the language of yout business partner. Any legal documents, like certificates, codes, tenets, patents, passports, resolutions are to be converted from English to German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, and more languages.

Legal Translation Company

Translation of Legal Documents

Any industry has its own codes and norms to follow. Manufacturer will have to be guided by both the State legislation and industry or sector specific rules. Retail business will have to be governed by local laws and customer oriented codes. Oil and Gas producers will have to follow both the local government clauses and meet the contractual terms and conditions.

Certification and patenting is another field in legal translation that is often requested. Actually, the certification is just a integral part of any industry and business. Services, products and procedures have to be certified for getting the license for public acceptance and aknowledgment and ensuring the delivery of a high-quality product.

Any business relations are to be documentarily proved. One of such proof is a contract. Contract specifies the terms and conditions and stipulates the regulations and obligations for parties involved. If the other party is a foreigner or an international client or contractor the agreement should be translated into more than one language. Normally the agreement is initially made in English and then translated into Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, or Korean, or any other languages.

There are multitudes of regulations for different areas of life, from just mere communication in the social network to production of mineral resources to using the up-to-date technology. Most of the countries are guided by pretty much the same standards but there are also some unique and specific rules for some countries. Let's say all of the world's manufacturers of metal works follow the ASME or API standards but Russia has got its own codes for production and manufacture, like GOST or SNiP. If the construction project is implemented in the country having its own individual regulations, they have to be translated into at least the language of the country where such project is running.

Since the legal sector encompasses all the other sectors the legal translation service is what you would definitely need sooner or later. If you need it now we can do the legal document translation for you in three easy steps - you send us the file, we translate, and deliver it back to you. If you need to know what our price for translation would be please fill in the form on our Free Quote page and submit the file for our review and cost estimate.