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Legal Translation - Business Warranty

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Legal Translation makes Your Business Safe

Very often when you hear the word Legal you may think of something that requires legal support. And that's is actually right. One of such thing that has to be legally supported is Your Business.

Legal Translation

Translation of Legal Obligations

Any business transaction, any international relations, any kind of cooperation or partnership should be legally bound by a Long Term Contract or a One-Off Agreement or by any rules and obligations which the parties shall follow.

Any business action, especially if or when it concerns international business, should be guaranteed and guided by mutually or unilaterally developed conditions.

You can go in your actions and undertakings as much as you have agreed with your counterpart, no more and no less. The same applies to any other party of the agreement. It comes that you are not only guided by the specified terms and conditions but also protected and regulated.

Compliance with the Best World Practices

ISO Compliance is the obligatory condition for a guarantee of a high quality product delivery. Certainly, every Translation Company or every translation services provider has or may have some proprietary means for ensuring you get the translated document in a timely and professional manner and with a superb quality. It means the Translation Agency has to follow the strictly bounding guidelines which escalate the translation process to a higher level of proofreding, editing and text checking for grammar, style and punctuation.

GDRP Compliance

GDRP Compliance is mandatory for any Company or Individual to keep the personal or private data confidential and secure. These rules should be abided no matter what kind of business you are running and regardless of any conditions whatsoever. It has become a must for any business transactions - logistics, form filling, payment transfer or just cross border information exchange. Of course, GDRP (General Data Protection Regulation) obligations apply to translation services as well.

Translation of Ensurance Documents

Ensurance is also necessary for most businesses. It warrants the product or service shall be secured and in case of calamities or failure it shall be safe and substituted for the new one. But for the manufacturer or producer or provider the ensure means not only the safekeeping of goods but also the liability before the client to pay off for any damages or losses due to poor quality or breakage or non-conformance to specifications.

Legal Documents Translation

Legal document translation is not just the above rules and obligations but a lot more to it. It encompasses the agreements, certifications, qualifications, legal proceedings, court hearings, limitations, penalties, fines, etc. To translate a legal document you have to apply in the same way as for any other translations - just go to our Legal Translation page, fill in the online form, tell us the details of your need and project and upload your file(s) and submit.

Looking forward to long-term cooperation!

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