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What is the Best Translation Price for High Quality?

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Translation Price

What is the Best Translation Price for High Quality Translation Services

How much, do you think, should the translation cost? Is it fair to pay a fortune for translation of a novel or a large maintenance manual? Why can’t I just get a decent translation for a handful of bucks? Do I really have to support the industry which will soon die out due to numerous online and cloud based services for easy and instant conversion of text and speech into different languages in a matter of a fraction of a second?

If you are in a maze of searching for answers and don’t know how to find the best price for high quality translation of your documents and websites you can make the investigation yourself by knocking on a number of doors of different translation companies or by just calling to a few translators bearing the target language as their native. By doing so you will be able to learn how much each of them charges per word, per page, or per hour.

Test the Quality of Translation

However, you cannot check the quality of translation of those individuals by mere calling or requesting for rates. To check or verify the quality of those who claim as the best translation services provider you may ask for a test translation of about 300 words. You can pick out the small portion of text from your document or website content and give to the translation agency or linguist and then see how good the translator or agency can do.

If you don’t know the target language (if the language that you have to translate your documents into is foreign to you) you can forward the completed test translation to your partner or a colleague to check the quality of the final translation for you.

If, in the long run, you select the best translation based on performed tests, you may come up with another thing to decide. This is the price. Why so? You may take several good translations and choose the one, which costs the lowest, or the best for your project.

What about the urgent translations?

The procedure described above is good for those cases when you have a big project but it is not urgent, and you have enough time for selecting the contractors and translation providers. But it is a different story when you are in a rush or when the other party is demanding for immediate actions or information in their language.

For urgent projects you don’t have so much time to test translators and probe for prices among translation companies. And you have to make decisions very quickly, if not immediately. For that matter you have to find another way out. You go to the most trusted translation services companies and this time you do not care so much about the price (if you have money, of course). But when you visit those websites you just see content, not experience, not credibility. You do not see translators who will actually do the translation for you. How to check their efficiency and credibility?

How to check the provider?

There are a few hints here. First, you may visit translation industry websites, like Proz or Translatorscafe or Translatorsbase. There you can find the visited companies and see the past and present activity online. Also, you can see how good they are by visiting the blue board. You can check the proficiency and experience of companies by just contacting their clients. It helps. Another factor pointing out to the good reputation is the investment in social working and the activity in Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as the interaction with all sorts of non-commercial companies and involvement in charity projects.

What should be the price?

The price is formed based on different factors and conditions. The translation price depends on the rate applied in each given case for each individual project. The total cost or price is the overall combination of calculations based on rates for each service.

The rate can be fixed and flexible. The rate is the proprietary value for service provided by each individual company or translator. So, for instance, the translation company based in India would charge you 0.05 USD per source word for translation, let’s say, from English to Spanish. The quality is another matter but it can be an issue here too. Why?

Because the companies may hire local foreign language speaking citizens for doing the translation. It is not quite bad if the translator is a professional translator in his field and is bilingual. But it can be a real problem if the linguist does not know the subject well and does not have a good experience in translation to the target language.

The same translation can be charged a little higher in the European countries. But even within the European Union the prices may differ from country to country. For example, if you need some low cost translation services you may well use the Polish translation company or Hungarian or Bulgarian.

The cost for translation in Germany or France can be higher – from 0.07 Euros per source ord. If you go to Norway the cost for translation to Norwegian is rather high – from 0.12 Euros per source word.

The prices in the United Kingdom are even higher due to the economic prosperity of the country and its standard of living. Besides, the cost for translation in UK is charged in Great British Pounds, which exchange rate to Euro is higher. Both of these factors – GBP and the standard of living make the price for translation in UK rather expensive.

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