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Turn Your Translation Hobby into Business

Translation Hobby

At first sight this aticle may seem to belong to those who do the translations but in essence it is applicable to any sector and to any hobby or occupation. The concepts of turning your hobby, whatever it is, into something tangible and considerable, are the same for all those who set a higher goal for their life.

Translation Business

Like any other hobby, translation can be as catchy as for example playing a VR game. What is that alluring thing about translation of document and how can you do it for fun? It sounds and look rather strange.

Do what You Love

But it is not strange for those who love the language. If you love something, you will do it. The love, by the way, is not a feeling, but the doing. So you may love it in the process of implementation or usage.

It is definitely great to get a satisfaction in working or in doing something (both good for you and others) rather than in playing for fun. Playing for nothing only gets you into more dependancy on it and makes you addicted to the playing process, like any other addiction. But you can be "addicted" in a good way and to a good and useful activity or process.

Creative Process

When we speak about the document translation we mean not only the conversion of text from one language into another but we also mean the transmission of thoughts and ideas. Apart from translation of text as a mere transfer of information from source language into the target language, the translation process implies the creative process of thinking blended with professional touch of translator's knowledge of the subject matter. Actually the translation is a creation of a unique product tailored to the client's specifications.

From Hobby to Business

Now about how to turn your hobby into business. Sometimes, it is not an easy task for creative people. Frankly, you can not do well two things at the same time. Either you will bring into effect all your creative potential and just enjoy the process of realization of your ideas and natural gifts or you will make money out of your potential.

Hobby vs Business

How to keep on doing what you love and still make some money? That's a fair question. And there is a good news for you! You can do both! But how?

Well, of course, you will have to spend some time on setting up the primary laverages which will be the driving force of your business and launch the process of sales.

To be honest with you, you don't need to be an expert in selling in order to sell your product now. If your business is translation you can just use the services of a multitude of online resources available within a few clicks that will help you advertise your capabilities and bring clients to your profile.

Working Alone

But! What I forgot to say is that making business is not just selling your own translation services. If you work alone and for yourself you may just get registered at some websites like or and send out hundreds of emails with your CV to major translation agencies with an application for cooperation in translation in your niche and to the language you know perfectly.

Work with a Team

Translation Business implies working with a team of translators, managing translation projects between two or more languages, managing legal and financial tasks and challenges.

If you are ready to take up the responsibility for the entire team in the same way as you do for yourself, then you can really start your translation business. You have just to know that if you endeavour to start your own translation company you will need people who can actually do the job for you. But this should be not just a random team of different people - no - this should be the team of capable, experienced, proven and trusted people. People - managers, translators - are the most valuable asset in your business!

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