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Multilingual Translation for Expansion of Business Globally

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Multilingual Translation for Global Expansion

Multilingual Translation for Expansion of Business Globally

Do you have an international business? Are you going to have one? Is your business successful and profitable? Do you feel like losing some revenue overseas? Are you looking for ways to get more clients? If your answer to all or nearly all of the above questions is “yes” then here is the solution!

Multilingual Translation is Your Solution!

There is one important thing that can help you with your business going global - multilingual translation! You will get more clients and people from every corner of the globe will have a chance to know about your product and service and make a purchase online or offline. When your text, document, or website is translated into more than one foreign language, you will get more people being able to understand you and take respective actions for your benefit.

If you make sales internationally

Any kind of business, especially if it is international will definitely need the translation both of the marketing and legal documents. Also, if your business is making sales of goods internationally, you will certainly have to translate the description of the product you offer with indication of technical details of each item and displaying the best features of the item. Among other documents you will need to translate manuals, presentations, pamphlets.

Make Your Clients Understand Your Product

Besides documents, you will also have to translate your website or websites. You may have just an online page with an advertisement of your product or your own website with thousands of pages and massive data containing Gigabytes of information about your offers. The more information your clients will be able to get online the more readily they will make a decision to buy what you sell.

Translate Your Video

Video is paramount important these days. Every product may have a video presentation where you can display all details in the best light possible. In this regard, you will have to translate or voice over all your videos into the languages of your clients. The translation or voice over of your videos will have a tremendous effect on your sales. When your client hears and sees the moving picture of your product it is much better apprehended than just text. So, if you have videos you have to make them sound in the languages of your customers. Or, if you don’t have ones, you would better make them and translate.

How to Find the Best Translation Vendor

Now, how to find that professional vendor who would be able not just translate words but also to depict the product highlighting the best and key features and make your clients buy your branded goods? It may seem to be a difficult matter at first sight. However, knowing some tricks and techniques will be very much helpful in your searches.

Three Simple Things to Consider when looking for the best service provider

1) First, the translation vendor, be it the freelance translator or translation company, should be eligible to translate your documents, websites, or videos. The translation services provider should have an experience in translating in your specific field or industry. If your text is about selling the medical equipment, the person or the company which took over your project should be able to render the medical translation services in a professional manner. Or, if you run business overseas and need to translate a document related to your business matters the translator should be vastly experienced in providing the business translation services. Same for technical translation services. The vendor should absolutely be versed in your subject matter and perfectly understand your area of expertise.

2) Second, the translation company or the linguist should have an appropriate attitude to carrying your task and have a quality assurance procedures in place.

3) Third, the translator or a company should have a flexible pricing policy along with discounts for large and recurring projects.

Websites for Your Help

To avoid mishaps in future while desperately looking for professional translation company, you have to know where to look for. There are a few places where you can find and select the best translation agencies. The most popular websites for translation providers seekers are Proz and Translatorscafe. Here you can find agencies by country, proficiency, size, experience, and credibility.

Have a safe and prosperous business!

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