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How to Effectively Manage Translation Projects

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

How to Effectively Manage Translation Project

This could be a real dilemma unless you are smart enough to know how to manage your translation projects. And it does not matter, if you are a big company or just a small entrepreneur. The concept is always the same. You have the demand or need for, let’s say translation, and some means to cope with it and get it done.

Translation Project Management

If you are going to do it all on your own it will take pretty lot of time and efforts to put everything in order and put it right. But if you will hire someone for that, again, you have to be clever enough to manage or supervise the process of execution and implementation of the project, be it translation or any kind of industrial or business project.

Translation is Necessary

Given that in both cases you have to exert some energy to do it right, you would probably need some help at least at the start of your project or may be even throughout. The process of management would be quite simple if you have an experience or if you are familiar with the methods of successful management.

Suppose, you don’t want to go out of your office or home and try to translate the document yourself. Needless to say that if you run an international business or come across foreign language speakers or if you visit any foreign country for any reason you will definitely need the translation of some kind. It could be the documents, texts, excerpts, or anything else that should be presented or shown in the language other than yours.

Options You Have

You may use some online tools like Google, Prompt, or any other quick-fix cloud software. It will help you but only for a while and up to a certain limits. Because any such tool has a limit and it will never convey absolutely correctly the meaning of your message or text. Or you can ask your partner abroad (if you have one) or a friend from the social network like Facebook or Myspace to have a look at the document and either say in a few words what it’s all about or make a request for translating the necessary pieces of text. Well, all of the above makes sense when you don’t need a major or thorough translation of the entire document or several documents for critical project.

If you don’t have a clue as to where to find the professional translator who can do the perfect job you may try some translators’ desks or platforms like Proz or Translatorscafe or any other freelancers’ websites. But if you are doubtful about their proficiency you have an option, as a last resort, of just going to Google and typing in the search engine bar something like “document translation” or “where to find the professional document translator” or “how can I get my documents translated to.. (just type in whatever language you have to translate your text into)”, etc.

Translation Company is the answer

When you several options available you may select between them and choose the most fit for your project. There are actually a few items you have to check for yourself with the language translation provider. First that you have to look at is the experience and customer testimonials of the translation company. Second is the capacity and language proficiency of the service supplier, i.e. if the language translator or agency can translate your document into your target language and if it has enough resources to handle it in a way required by the terms and conditions.

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