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Technical Translation – You need more than just a language expert

Technical Translation - You will need more than just a translator

Do you have some Operations and Maintenance Manual in a language you don’t understand? Have you contracted a foreign company for engineering works? Your partners need to read your drawings and texts in their native language? Are you managing an international project with multilingual personnel? Do you have critical technical documentation which has to be translated into the language of your partners?

Anyway, whatever the project, global or local, if your business is international or involves one or more parties speaking and reading mostly in their native language the translation of documents to a foreign language is a must.

Technical Translation Stands Out

Technical translation is quite specific due to its terminology and variety of subjects in the sector. It differs much from legal translation or book translation. Technical text is very unique in a class and can be understood and translated by those thinking and working in the engineering or technology realm. Since the technical field is diverse it virtually encompasses numerous areas of expertise and extends far beyond just nuts and bolts.

Technical Fields

We can highlight several major fields which can be called technical or can be referred to as technical. Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic fields are primary fields consisting in technical sector. They are the pillars and foundations on which the rest of fields or sub-fields rest on. Another major field that refers to technical is technology. Technology as such is very much diversified and it boldly grasps other sectors, such as Medical translation, Business or Legal translation. The technologies are widely used in medicine and pharmacy in production of medicines, supplements, or medical equipment and tools. Technology can also be applied to business and marketing when doing Search Engine Optimization or Advertising. And, of course, technology is immensely used in robotics and AI development.

Engineering as one of the technical fields

Similar field which is called technical is engineering. Its application and use is very extensive and also applies to a lot of fields and even sectors. We can meet the word engineering in medical industry in the form of pharmaceutical engineering, or in different other industries, like bioengineering or geoengineering. And surely, the engineering is represented in many fields in technical sector.

Criticality of Professional Technical Translator

Apart from understanding the technical fields, you also have to understand the importance of finding the professional technical translation expert or technical translator. As any other sector, technical subjects are specific and require respective knowledge and experience, and most often, the qualification in a particular field, like engineering, technology.

More than just a translator...

In most cases, the linguist translating the technical text should be a little more than just a technical translator – he should be eligible to translate technical subjects, have sufficient experience in translation of engineering and technology, and be qualified in the respected area of expertise. If you give your documents to the translator you should make sure that he can not only manage the translation as such but, what is more important, can translate it in a professional manner, using the right terms and not simplifying the text.

Translation should be authentic and accurate

At times, the text can be a little sophisticated and translators may simplify the translation by using the colloquial or conversational words, not technical. This should be avoided. The technical translator you choose has to translate your documents using the appropriate terms and phrases. He should go as deep into the subject in his translation as it was initially created. So, when you look for translator or translation company you have to be sure they are more than just foreign language speakers, but technical professionals knowing both the language and the subject matter perfectly.

How to find the best translation services provider

To be sure you go the right way in looking for professional technical translator or technical translation company you have to follow some tips. There are some tricks that would help you be more specific and accurate in choosing the proper translation services provider, regardless of country you live in or run your business.

Have a safe business!

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