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Human Translation versus AI Translation

Human Translation versus Machine Translation

Human Translation versus AI Translation

With the rise of AI in all industries and sectors, we face a challenge of choice between the cheap but robotized and human made but expensive. That’s where the society tends to divide into two classes – those who can afford manually produced goods or services and those who can only resort to something done by machines. Translation Services, like any other industry, was not an exception. I would even say, that translation was among the first impacted by AI.

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Choice between Human Translation and Machine Translation

Now with language translation we face, like said above, two options. One is human translation and the other is machine translation (or AI translation). The difference between the two lies in its quality. Human translation tends to be professional and trusted, unless done by unprofessional translator. If the human translation is primarily done by qualified and experienced translator knowing your specific subject matter the quality of translation will be perfect. Machine or AI translation will not guarantee the perfect solution in critical international negotiations or global business projects, but it can give you a pretty good glimpse of what the text in question is about and will be able to give you a rough idea of the contents.

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Human Translation as a primary option

First - Human Translation – is costly but professional. It has all the Pros except one – translator! With the human translation the only Cons can be non-professional translator who can spoil the entire translation and do it even worse that the Artificial Intelligence. So, in order to request for human translation of your documents, website, or video, you have to make sure the translator or translators you are applying to are professional, certified, have vast experience in your field, and will be able to communicate with you on a regular bases throughout the projects.

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AI Translation as a supporting pillar

Second – Machine Translation (AI Translation) – cheap but arbitrary and solely dependent on the cloud or server based database. The proficiency of machine translator is totally dependent on the software and the glossaries and inputs integrated into it. So the quality of such translation can be random and unpredictable. Of course, the overall translation can be pretty much understandable for you and your counterparts (if you communicate with your partners or contractors in such a robotized way). It can give you more or less a good picture of the entire text and, at times, the machine translation can be a good substitute of human translation in case there are no translators around.

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Where to find the Human Translator

If you want to find a good human translator there are a number of places where you can find them. It can be the translators’ platforms like Proz or Translatorscafe, or Translatorsbase. Also, you can look up for qualified linguists on freelance boards like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, and other similar websites.

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Where to find the Machine Translation

One of the best machine translation resources is surely the Google Translate. But there are also many other online tools like Amazon Translation, Bing Translation, and other resources which provide the same online AI translations.

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How to find the Best Human Translation Services

To find the best Human Translator for your language you have to know a few important hints that will help you in your search. First is the location where the translator is based. That’s important for several reasons. Because the environment may affect the translator, even his or her knowledge of the target language. For instance, if the Danish translator lives for permanent residence in Germany or in Austria, he may use some common words from both languages in his translation. He became bilingual and it is good, but he should practice translation very often, otherwise he will just mix the words in his translation from, let’s say, English. He may use both German and Danish words bearing the same meaning. That’s where you have to be careful. If the linguist translates from English into German, it will be preferable for you to hire a translator living in Germany, not in Denmark or Switzerland. Second is the proficiency and qualification (and/or experience). Without the professional knowledge of your subject he will not be able to do the high quality translation. Therefore, he must have an experience in translating similar texts into your target language.

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What Machine Translation is good for

Machine translation can also be done and managed by translators. In this case, they just proofread and edit the AI-translated text. This kind of translation is good when you have to read something very quickly to grasp the main idea and respond fast. Or when you communicate with a person and you need an instant understanding of the delivered message. That’s when the machine translation is very useful and handy. Of course, if you have a translator around, you can be helped as quickly too, but machine translation is what you can do online and without anybody’s help.

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Comparison between AI and Human

So both the types of translation are good but for difference purposes. One, which is Human, is good for professional translation and communication, for international projects and global b2b relations. Another one, machine translation, is good for quick and instant solutions not requiring the perfect and long lasting result. It’s your choice!

Have a safe and prosperous business with translation services!

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