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How to Increase Sales with Translation Services

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Translation Services for Sales Increase

How Can Translation Services Increase Your Sales

Are you selling Gods or Services? Do you sell them locally or internationally? How many clients are there per day or week? Is your business prosperous and successful? Do you intend to expand it overseas?

All that and more can be resolved, increased and improved with translation services! Why?


  1. When your advertisement is written in more than 3 or 5 languages your chances to get more clients are increased exponentially.

  2. More languages – more clients. People will be more convinced to buy your product when they see the description in their language.

  3. With translation into foreign languages you will be known by a larger audience and hence promoted in the search engines.

You Need Translation

Regardless of the platform that you sell your product from, whether it is Amazon, Ebay, or from your own website, you will need the help of a professional translation provider, be it just one freelance translator or translation company.

How to Choose the Service Provider

When you choose the provider, you have to mind the proficiency and experience of the service renderer. First, the translator or a company should be eligible to translate your marketing text and make it as much attractive for the client as possible and translate the description of your goods that you sell online.

Translation Experience

Second, the linguist or agency should have a proper and sufficient experience in translation of the subject matter that your text is about. For example, if you sell the electronic devices for smart home or fiberglass cables for telecom equipment or solar cell batteries or even more complex equipment like MRI machines for medical inspections, you have to check if the company have translators capable of translating the respective text.

Proficiency of Translation Company

Third, the company should be able to respond to your every inquiry and help you with correct layoutting and formatting of text on a webpage and/or document. One thing is to translate, another thing is to localize the translation on the website. The translation should be adapted to the local visual apprehension and cultural sensitivity. Besides, the visitors and your potential clients (buyers) should have a clear picture of what you offer and what they need.

Convincing Text

Of course, you will have to write the source text yourself and give it to translator or send it to translation company for conversion. However, if you have something to sell but you don’t have skills in convincing the client to buy your product or services you may request for copywriting services.

Copywriter is Your Best Assistant

The copywriter should be able not only understand your subject but also should have a professional knowledge of what you sell or offer. He or she should know the marketing strategy and different approaches to the client. Good copywriter is your pledge for successful sales. Of course, the copywriter has to learn your content before writing any article or description. Let him or her to know as much as possible about how and what you would like to offer so that they will be able to highlight the most prominent features and depict the product in the best way possible.

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