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Translation Services in B2B Relations

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Translation Services in B2B Relations

Translation Services in B2B Relations

Business to Business relations is one of the major and driving factor in overall Global Relations. Such relations connect businesses and people behind them. It makes the international industrial projects viable and numerous. Every time you go out to the market with your product or service as a seller or as contractor, you have to be sure you can deal with your buyers and customers. When you contact the other interested party you have to communicate with it in his or her language. And it may not be just English but a lot of other languages of Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Driving Factors

Like any other relations between persons or parties, business relations are also driven and accomplished by several factors. Among them are: understanding, approval and acceptance, enthusiasm, mutual interest and ambition, perspective and trust. If you want to be successful in your business relations you have to follow five simple but vital rules.

Brand Awareness and Product Quality

First, you have to be 100% sure your product or service is perfect and worthy of being valued and appreciated by your customer or an interested party. Your brand should meet the needs of those looking for similar products. If you provide a service, it should be available 24/7, reachable and affordable for middle class citizens. The product you offer should be easy to use and user-friendly in all respects. The quality of the product should meet all conceivable international quality assurance standards. I.e. if you go out to the world with something, it should be tangible, worthy, valuable, smart, and up-to-date.

When and What You Buy

Second, you have to be sure in the same way of the product and service that you are going to buy from vendors and suppliers or manufacturers. In order to be absolutely sure you have to check the Company or producer and see what kind of experience and credit it has got for the past 10 to 20 years. You have to check if the quality is compromised. Presently, most of the products are produced with low quality material making the end user replace the components every so many miles, hours, or runs. If you are looking for high quality product you have to be careful and meticulous in choosing the right one. Agree that it is not that easy nowadays but you can also order for customized product tailored exclusively to your requirements and templates, if, of course, you have ones.

Legal Matter

Third, all transactions between you or your Company and the other party should be legal and your presence in the market legitimate. To ensure everything is right in terms of legal matters you have to draw up all necessary documents and go through all formal procedures confirming the legitimacy of the deal (purchase, selling, leasing, contracting) or transaction (online or bank transfers). All the required documentation should be stamped, sealed and certified with notary officer. Not a single clause of the agreement should be omitted or missed. You and your partner should be 100% ready and compliant with business market requirements prior to any further actions.

Legal Entities - Mid-shore and Offshore

A little note here about legal entities that you use for your transactions and business deals. Most probably, if your sales are exceeding millions of US dollars, you will use the mid-shore or offshore companies for that. It could be Singapore, Hong Kong, UAE, or BVI. For that matter, you have also to make sure all the legal bindings are clear and you are not vulnerable but protected.

Transportation Matters

Forth, you have to take care the service is provided and the product is delivered in the best way possible without loosing or damaging a single item. It happens that while being transported to the target client the goods and commodities are damaged and spoiled or even lost. You have to take all necessary measures to avoid such negligence. You have to select the best transportation service provider, which will handle your goods with care and attention. Among them could be such companies as DHL, UPS.

Bonuses and Incentives

Fifth, you have to offer to your buyer or client something above your regular or normal delivery, like bonuses or extra delivery for purchasing large batches and quantities. Or, you may also make some presents for your clients in the form of additional supply of some products or some items on top of the delivered ones. Another way of getting the client’s attention and trust is offering him or her the reasonable discounts – seasonal or quantitative ones. Anyway, this should be some kind of smart marketing ploy convincing the buyer in your willingness and readiness to make him satisfied and happy.

In all of the above cases you have to communicate with your clients, partners, sellers or buyers. It involves a lot of documentation, both legal, technical, and business. If the other party speaks in a language different from yours, you have to translate the docs or text from that language into English or from English into French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, or Japanese.

Translation Company for Your Needs

When it comes to selecting the best translation company for your language communication needs you have also to follow some simple rules for finding the right one. Depending on the base or office location of the company the price for translation services can be different. And although most often the agencies use one and the same translators their agreed rates can be different. So, if you choose to use the services of an agency based in, let’s say Ukraine, you can save some money. Or you can choose the translation services company in UK but it will cost you a lot more, nearly a fortune.

Translation Quality and Price

Another thing here is the quality. But I would say it is not so much the matter of quality (if the translation is mostly made by the same translators) but the matter of proofreading and double check. It can be that the agency which charges a little higher performs a thorough double check of all translations. Or, it is just located in a country where the currency they use is more expensive, like in UK. Or there can be high taxes that the company includes in the price.

Have a safe business!

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