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Translation Services for Amazon eCommerce

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Translation Services for eCommerce at Amazon

One of the giants in retail – Amazon – occupies one third of the market in the world. It is one of the pillars that the entire ecommerce rests upon. Besides Amazon, there are such competitors as Ebay, Etsy, Rakuten, Newegg, Bonanza, eBid.

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Online Sales

Most of the sales made in Amazon are online. This is the major part of revenue of the company. There are 11 marketplaces across the globe. In over 180 countries customers make purchases from Amazon.

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You need the Translation for Your Items

There are millions of goods sold each day and each one of them has a description and comments to it. You can leave the text in English on default but in this case you may loose a lot of your customers. The title and the description displayed in a foreign language increases your chances of selling more quickly and to a larger audience. So, if you sell something online, and in particular, on Amazon, you have to convert the descriptive text for each item into another language of your target audience.

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Amazon competes with Google

Amazon is actually taking over both market and technology. It competes with Google and has its own servers and databases allowing Amazon to be in the lead. Amazon has also invented and produced its own translation software that makes the audible conversation live and comfortable for the speaker and the listener.

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Make Your Sales known to the Globe

But nevertheless Amazon like any other trading and ecommerce platforms need the human touch and input. Multitudes of goods are to be presented in the language of its buyers. There is the integrated automated system built in the cloud based software automatically converting the source text into the local language of the country. I.e. if the seeker opens the Amazon website he will read the website text in his own language. However, the description of goods can only be presented in English. For that matter all the describing materials have to be translated into the language of the viewer.

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Human Translator is Your Choice

In case with ecommerce, every detail makes sense and the text should be appealing. The automated machine translation is far from perfect and cannot transmit all the details properly and in the same way as the human translator can do.

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In order for you to get a high quality translation with due consideration of customers’ apprehension and liking the translation should include all the details and have an attractive edge. It can only be done by human translator, not by any kind of machine.

How to find the English to Dutch translation by Dutch native-speaking translator?

Amazon in the Internet of Things and Smart Homes

Amazon in itself combines trading platform and the integrated technologies facilitating both the marketing and sales. Also, Amazon is a great developer of AI and smart home devices. It has invented a serious of smart tools which compete with giants like Google.

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B2C Communication of Amazon

Amazon has its great network of servers providing for global communication on a B2C bases. Business to Client communication is Amazon’s core concept which works best in comparison with other platforms like Alibaba, EBay or AliExpress. It has a network of servers communicating the data of clients between each other and coming at the right time and at the right place.

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Brand Number One

Undoubtedly, the proprietary technology of Amazon makes it the global leader in both retail and smart tools. It just outsmarts all other competitors and becomes the brand number one!

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You need Translation for Selling on Amazon

You can sell via Amazon or on behalf of Amazon from any and to any country in the world. For that matter you will need the translation of items and their description. To make it possible in a professional manner you can try our services and see how well it is for your sales in the world trade market!

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Have a safe and prosperous business!

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