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AI in Translation

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence in the world every sector is adapting to its emerging and existence. The development of technologies and transformation of the global communication and relations is inevitable. It will change even more and at a faster pace in the coming years.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Translation

What is AI?

When we speak about any technology, not just AI, we understand that it may impact many areas and aspects of life. However, not all technologies affect Translation Business or Market. For example, innovated technologies in chemical or in oil and gas production does not have so much to do with translation services except that the information on these technologies will have to be translated into more languages.

But there are technologies which have a direct influence on document translation. It is the Artificial Intelligence. Actually the AI is just the phenomena that aggregately includes many if not all aspects of life, including the communication and particularly the translation.

How can I translate a document from English into German?

How does AI affect translation and in what way?

It affects translation services in a way that may replace or at least tries to replace the human translator in this process. This includes the use of CAT (Computer Aided) Tools like Wordfast, Trados and some other tools, Free Google Online Translator, Skype Voice Translator, and many other integrated features allowing people understand the interlocutor, speaker or text.

Where can I find translation services for translating my website from English into French?

Of course, we should be honest to say that even translators themselves use language assistants every day. CAT Tool is one of them. It is actually the facilitator helping the linguist to speed up the translation process and translate document as fast as possible. The system considers the repetitions across the entire text and suggests the translator to pick out the best word or phrase which the linguist had already translated a few pages back, or if the Software is connected to the Global database (there is one) it will prompt the translator even more options and variants of translation.

What if I need to translate a document from English to Russian?

How does the AI work in Translation?

It is a reasonable question at least for those whom this technology is going to replace or substitute. The answer is quite easy and surprising. This technology is not just some hooky-pooky thing - no! If it is the matter of a local language translation assistant it can be the really helping tool - we have to be careful here not to confuse with actual AI which is a threating thing for many - not only for translators.

Fast translation of website from English to Arabic

But when we speak about the global database or "big server" this is what really concerns us. Google is one of the major consumer of translations because it has a server of its own where the massive translation data is stored. What is curious and important about Google Translate is that it accumulates the translation results (ready made translations) from real translators who open an access to their works via Cloud solutions or by connecting their desktop versions of CAT Tools to the global database for fetching the best suggestions during the process of text translation in the program.

So all the Google benefits and cool features are actually the results of hard labour of freelance translators who were "smart" enough to inadvertently give access to Google bots to their professional translations.

Translation of documentation from English to Chinese language

What to do

If that is the case you don't need to go to Google in search of professional translation but rather contact native-speaking translators directly and request for really professional and tailor made translation of your documents, websites, and videos.

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