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Document Translation

Ron McKay


PSW Integrity Managing Director

English to Portuguese

"It was a great experience to work with GLS! They managed the translation of hundreds of our engineering and construction documents within quick turnaround times and I really appreciate their professional customer support!"


Dara Drosman


Altevers International

Finance & Administration

English to Korean

"Excellent translation services! Guys did a great job by translating our technical designs, schematics, and diagrams for a fair price and ahead of schedule! Highly recommend!"


Justen Womack 


ITC Coatings


English to French

"Amazing work! Very impressed with communication, responsiveness, and the way they handled our technical documents. Price, quality, and delivery are the best!"


Stephanie W


Leyland Exports limited

Finance Manager

English to German, French, Chinese, Korean, Japanese

"The translation and formatting were fantastic! The project was completed quickly - way before the deadline! Perfect combination of consistency, accuracy and professionalism!"

Reports document translation

Engineering report, test report, medical report, business report, financial report, examination report, analytical report, operational report, informational report, product report, industry report

Document translation of contracts

Business contract, partnership agreement, lease agreement, employment contract, supply agreement, frame agreement, unilateral contract, sales agreement

Document translation of presentations

Product presentation, visual aid, user guide, busines presentation, powerpoint presentation, demonstrative presentation, demonstration, technical presentation, engineering presentation

Document translation of certificates

Business certificate, healthcare certificate, technology certificate, education certificate, legal certificates, skilled trade certificate, passports, licenses, patents, regulations, rules, standards

Document translation of user manual

Operational manual, maintenance manual, repair manual, construction manual, troubleshooting manual, installation manual, assembly guide

Document translation of records

Medical record, business record, accounting record, legal record, safety record, electronic records, operational record, audit report, system record, procedure record

Document translation of technical specification

Technical specification, requirement, procedure, performance specification, design specification, material specification, standard specification, test specification

Document translation of proposals

Business proposal, business offer, sales proposal, investor proposal, project proposal, grant proposal, design proposal, research proposal, pre-proposal, solicited proposal, bidding.

Document translation of letters

Business letter, invitation letter, appeal letter, cover letter, letter of inquiry, query letter, sales letter, reference letter, introduction letter, formal letter.

Document translation of procedures

Technical procedure, safety procedure, medical treatment procedure, tender procedure, audit procedure, operation procedure.

Document translation of policies

Corporate policy, internal policy, business conduct policy, production policy, marketing policy, financial policy, personnel policy.

Document translation of instructions

How-to instruction, operation instruction, repair instruction, technical instruction, equipment use instruction, setup instruction, business concept.

Document translation of statement

Financial statement, witness statement, balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, billing statement, mission statement, construction statement, expense statement 

Document translation of regulation

Government regulation, economic regulation, price regulation, self-regulation, business regulation, technical rules and regulations, safety rules, environmental regulation, consumption regulation

Document translation of guidebook

Principles, rules, recommendations, algorithms, patterns, methods, ethics, standards, guidance, advice, technical support, assistance, strategy, action plan, call for action, best practice

Document translation of catalog

Product catalog, inventory and materials catalog, merchandise catalog, business catalog, retail catalog, fashion catalog, service catalog, clothing catalog, food catalog, hotel catalog, office catalog


Purchase order, task order, trade order, executive order, resolution, market order, court order, business order, delivery order, sales order, invoices, formal order, project order


Business plan, goals and objectives, mission and vision, strategies, schedule, programme, forecast, action plan, operational plan, contingency plan, tactical plan, strategic plan, corporate plan, risks management, sales plan, budget plan, project plan, action plan

Periodicals Translation

Magazine, journal article, newspaper, newsletter, news article, interviews, agenda and trend topics, commentaries, analytics, reviews


Case study, analysis, review, clinical trial/research, scientific study/research, observation study, social study, experiments, comparative analysis, community study, doctoral study, interdisciplinary study, research study


Translation Quality Assurance
ISO Compliant Translation Services
Compliance with EN 15038
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Customer-Oriented Translation Company 

Over 15 years of experience with a mission to help companies and individuals to reach and win the global markets.

Native-Speaking Translators

All translations are carried out by qualified and industry-specific translators with proven experience and expertise.

We Speak Your Language

Over 1000 linguists in 20+ languages. Every project is tailored to your specific language needs in terms of cultural and ethical intricacies.

Quality Guaranteed

GLS offers a clear guarantee regarding the quality of translation services in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038. We use rigorously tested translators and managers to ensure your satisfaction with work delivered.

Best Translation Prices

Our minimum rate is 0.07 Euros / 0.08 USD / 0.06 GBP per source word. Our minimum charge is 50 Euros / 60 USD / 40 GBP. For large projects (over 20 000 words) we apply our 5% to 10% discounts. 

Proficient in Your Sector

Qualified linguists specialising in your specific field of expertise. We are proficient in a wide range of business and industrial sectors, from sports and tourism to oil and gas, engineering, technology, pharmacy, legislation, and all other fields.



Our document translation services cater to a wide spectrum of industries and sectors, offering seamless communication solutions to facilitate global interactions. We specialize in translating documents across various formats, including DOC, Excel, PDF, and PowerPoint, ensuring that information is accurately conveyed. In the corporate world, we provide business contracts, financial reports, and marketing materials translations to bolster international business endeavors. Within healthcare, our services cover medical records, patient information, and pharmaceutical documents, promoting efficient healthcare delivery. For academic institutions, we translate research papers, educational materials, and transcripts, enhancing international collaboration and educational accessibility. In the legal sector, we offer precise translations of contracts, agreements, and legal briefs, enabling legal professionals to navigate international cases confidently. Our services extend to the manufacturing, engineering, and technology sectors, ensuring that technical specifications, manuals, and product information are comprehensible worldwide. By accommodating diverse industries and formats, we empower organizations to connect, collaborate, and thrive in a globalized world.






Travel & Tourism, Culinary, Beverage, Fashion, Sports, Arts, Pets, Hobby, Drinks, Retail, Hand-made, Shopping, Mass Media




Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Engineering, Legal, Marketing, SEO, Business, Medical, Pharmaceutical, eCommerce, Automotive, Oil and Gas




Military, Government, Scientific, BIO & GEO Engineering, Patents, Aerospace, Global Bank, International Regulations




GLS has a capacity of translating your documents into more than 20 major world languages.

The availability of over 1000 in-house and freelance translators at one time provides us with more than sufficient manpower and work force that helps us handle projects of any size and language.

Our team of native-speaking translators deliver the high-profile language translation literally in any language combinations.

Among the languages that we translate documents into are:

English translationGerman translation, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Russian translation, Turkish, Arabic translation, Hebrew, Farsi, Hindi, Chinese translation, Korean, Japanese.

English Translation and German Translation are among the most requested services.

English Translation
German Translation
French Translation
Spanish Translation
Portuguese Translation
Italian Translation
Danish Translation
Dutch Translation
Norwegian Translation
Swedish Translation
Finnish Translation
Russian Translation
Turkish Translation
Farsi Language Translation
Hindi Language Translation
Chinese Translation
Arabic Translation
Hebrew Translation
Korean Translation
Japanese Translation
Technical Translation

Technical Document Translation

Translation of technical documents is what you need for international projects when you have to communicate with your foreign clients, contractors or partners. Technical Document Translation is offered for all kinds of technical translations, be it large industrial projects in oil and gas, technology development projects, manufacturing, production, construction.

Business Translation

Business Document Translation

Translation of business documents is absolutely necessary for international relations and communication. Any information exchange in terms of business requires the translation of documents into the language of seller or buyer. Any marketing campaigns should be introduced in the language of the target audience for successful promotion of goods and services abroad or globally.

Medical Translation

Medical Document Translation

Translation of medical documents is very critical when the patient is treated abroad in a foreign country which language he or she does not understand. Any medical inspection reports, including the scans like MRI should be understood for further proper and correct prescription of medical care and medicines.


Legal Document Translation

Translation of legal documents is crucial when it comes to various court proceedings, prosecutions, judicial settlements, lawsuits, court trials. Also it is very important for translation of agreements, terms and conditions, examinations, certifications, qualifications, patents, laws, regulations, incorporation documents, registration certificates.

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