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Christmas 2022 Holiday Wishes and Translation Offers

Adrian Carp

Dec 24, 2022

Best wishes for Merry Christmas 2022 and Holiday Offers and Discounts!

We are quite happy to wish a Merry Christmas in December of 2022 and offer you our Holiday offers and discounts! You will have our holiday benefits throughout the Holidays until mid January! This will cover both December (until the end of 2022 and part of January in 2023) and January. You will have a good disount for large and frequent projects.

As we are specialising particularly in translation of documents we offer the reduction of prices for up to 30% OFF during holidays. We understand your urgency, exposure, and vulnerability you may have during this resting time when all are having their vacation and days off. We are still working in the same capacity as we engage as many translators as required for short deadlines and fast translations.

Our Seasonal Offers for translation of documents in December

What we offer on Christmas holidays is our 20% to 30% OFF discounts for nearly one month starting from 25th of December to the middle of January. Besides, we provide certification of translated documents always for FREE. And we also can do the test translation of 150 words for FREE as well.

Our discounts shall be applied for multiple projects or for translation of one project into multiple languages. Let's say you need to translate your documents into as many as 5 or more languages. It is typical for us to translate into minimum up to 3 languages. For documents having international significance my be translated into 10+ languages, either all European or Asian languages.

Among other benefits that we have for our clients we offer:

  • FREE test translation of 150 words

  • 10% to 20% OFF discount for large and recurrent projects

We translate all kinds anf types of documents, whatever volume and subject matter. The most popular services we provide are as follows:

Report translation

Contract translation

Presentation translation

Specification translation

User Manual translation

User Guide translation

GuideBook translation

Record translation

Certificate translation

Diploma translation

Register translation

Declaration translation

Plan translation

Catalog translation

and more documents!

Actually we offer our regular discounts at every holiday, so you would have a good chance to make orders for document translation right on holidays that will save your budget, increase revenue, and help you solve your urgent matters, whether technical, legal, corporate, or even private! Just send us your inquiry message via email or use our online form to submit your documents for our review and cost estimate.

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